1. Igundwane

    A160 / W168 Interior - Dash, Vents, Airbag, everything basically

    I have all this up for grabs if anyone is interested ? Completely stripped the front out of an A Class - 51reg but it never fitted mine I do have more photos ... just cannot upload them Based near Wakefield West Yorkshire
  2. guydewdney

    slight overheating - sprinter (basically 124 E300D)

    when i 'thrash' the sprinter, it gets overly warm - gets to 105 ish degrees, cruising at 70 - 80. changed thermostat. flushed rad and engine (half an hour each) 'rad cleaner-ed' teh system - left it in for 2 days - a bit of an improvement (used to go to 110 degrees) OK - this isnt...
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