1. brucemillar

    On new bathroom towels !!

    What is it with the people who make bathroom towels? I know we have to replace our old cherished favorite towels and that can be a traumatic experience. I happen to love my towels where the thread has come away at the edge, so that every time I go to dry my back, I put my arm through the...
  2. Abb

    Bathroom Brands

    Hi guys, looking for a little advice relating to bathroom brands. Am about to have my bathroom renovated and was looking at purchasing brands such as V&B, Duravit, just wanted to know are these really so much better than the likes of Ideal Standard, Hudson Reed, Twyfords and the like? Does...
  3. W

    Bathroom fitting labour rates

    I'd like to update my bathroom, but cost effectively. The job: Replace bath Add shower screen Replace sink with a vanity unit Replace radiator for towel rail Replace vinyl tiles for ceramic tiles No units are moving location so existing plumbing can be reused. The wall tiles are to...
  4. I

    New Bathroom Quote..... help!

    Long post but please bear with me. I wonder if the collective can help me out here. I need a bathroom refurbishment. The work require is stripping the existing bathroom, building a dais for the new bath, tongue and grooving the walls to about 1.2M, installing new bath, basin and moving the WC...
  5. SportsCoupeRich

    Bathroom re-furbs.

    Looking to move once my chain is complete (have sorted upward (or downward seeing as I am downsizing), now trying to tie up the offer on my place to sell). The place, all being well, that I will move to has the following bathroom things I want to sort: 1x Ensuite in smallest bedroom. This will...
  6. jonnyboy

    Bathroom sanitaryware/control gear

    Hi all, I know you're a discerning lot! We are doing two more bathrooms and have been looking at Grohe control gear but nothing really takes our fancy, looking for taps, huge headed thermostatic concealed shower mixer and body jets, also a bath filler for the other room. Anyone got experience...
  7. W

    Bathroom fitters - cost?

    I want somebody to fit a new bathroom. Shower, loo, sink, flooring, tiling, etc.... What is the going labour rate for a reasonable fitter around worcestershire? I am thinking (hoping!) £200 - £300 per day. What do you think? Can anybody recommend a fitter near to Malvern?
  8. DSLiverpool

    Any Bathroom Equipment Suppliers On Here ?

    Im after a Hansgrohe Raindance Rainfall 3 head Overhead Shower with all valves and ecostat controls and laufen alessi dot sanitary kit of double basin, vanity unit toilet and bday. Also two basin mounted Rettangolo Cascata by Gessi taps either illuminated or none illuminated. before I splash...
  9. culpano

    Plastering bathroom !!!

    Can we have a dedicated DIY forum ? :) I've pulled all the tiles off one wall of my bathroom because I want one plain painted wall. I've filled all holes caused by tile adhesive so I've got a rough wall full of filled holes etc. Howver the top half of the wall is smooth as the tile...
  10. culpano

    Help ! Plastering over tiles in bathroom

    Hi peeps, I have decided to re-tile my bathroom after initially using tile paint to make them white. The bathroom looks too clinical and tiles are on every wall - too much. What I want to do is have one wall bare so I can use a pastel paint. What's the best way to make this tiled wall look...
  11. Godot

    Painted Floor in Bathroom !

    IMAGINE YOU ARE AT A PARTY on the tenth floor..... YOU'VE BEEN DRINKING A BIT...(not that you would...) AND THEN YOU HAVE TO VISIT THE BATHROOM. You open the door..... NOW, REMEMBER, THE FLOOR IS JUST A PAINTED FLOOR KINDA TAKES YOUR BREATH AWAY..... DOESN'T IT? This would really mess...
  12. imadoofus

    Bathroom Lights

    OK, here's another non-Mercedes related question. My bathroom has four recessed halogen spots in the ceiling, and the ventilator fan is on the same circuit, so when you turn the lights on, the fan runs. Recently, the lights have started to not come on intermittently. Sometimes you have to...
  13. smillion

    Cost of a new bathroom?

    :crazy: Well, we moved house last week. Its 20 years old and needs some updating. So we've decorated the whole place (walls and ceilings) (5 bed 3,200 sq ft) and new carpets throughout. New ceramics in the conservatory. Now to the bathrooms. 3 of them. One green suite. One grey suite. One...
  14. Tan

    Bathroom ceiling speakers

    Hi I need some ceiling speakers for my bathroom, I used to have a good supplier of KEF's but they seam very expensive these days. Can anyone recommend any suitable speakers and suppliers? Thanks Tan
  15. dougal74

    Bathroom showrooms/fitters in Kent

    Can anyone recommend someone who could do a fairly specialist quote on our bathroom which is very tight for space and can only fit a 1500-1560mm length bath in it? We live down in Faversham, Kent and have looked at Dolphin and Reflections bathrooms but have no experience of this kind of thing so...
  16. L

    Window frame stain and bathroom sealant

    OK this is REALLY OT Does anyone have reccomendations for a good long lasting minimum prep outdoor wood stain for my window frames and a good mildew resistant bathrrom sealant as I always seem to buy pap ones that need re-doing every year.
  17. Koolvin

    Bathroom designers/fitters?

    Hopefully by the new year I will be moving into my house to start married life with my wife (tenants out) Although it's a 3 bedroom house the bathroom is on the ground floor! (at the front of the house) The Master bedroom is wide and (takes the whole front of the house) it has a shower...
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