1. grober

    Holy Porton Down Batman!

    A BIT WORRYING? Kim Jong-nam killing: 'VX nerve agent' found on his face - BBC News Inside Britain's secret weapons research facility - BBC News
  2. french

    The Batman light..

    is enough for me ! Thousands spent...why not just by a real C32 ...they are the performance bargain right now ! Stunning 2003 Mercedes C32 AMG Replica (c320 modified) - 280 BHP thousands spent | eBay
  3. Gareth

    Move over Batman, Mercedes Vision Gran Turismo Concept

    November 18, 2013. For the new PlayStation® 3 racing game Gran Turismo® 6, the Mercedes-Benz designers have developed the visionary concept of a super sports car - the Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo. Extreme proportions, sensual contours and intelligently implemented high tech blend to...
  4. J

    Holy smoke Batman

    whilst driving i noticed smoke from under the bonnet of my 2003 s320 cdi. there was the smell of burning oil. Any idea where or what i should be looking for eg any oil carrying pipes or tubes when i take the engine covers off? thanks
  5. D

    Batman delivers criminal to the poilce...

    BBC News - 'Batman' brings in suspect to Bradford police Given the sizeable northern contingent, the above may be of interest. I can only imagine batman speaking in a broad yorkshire accent. I expect that he has now returned to the inaptly named bat cave (should be pidgeons and whippets)
  6. purplegoddess

    batman sues warner bros :crazy:
  7. PJH

    What has Batman and a Scoucer got in common ?

    Q. What has Batman and a Scouser got in common ? A. Neither can go out without robin. :D
  8. Howard

    Holy Scam Batman .... 'Due unknown problems I can not be contacted trough ebay...
  9. drifting

    Holy Grill Batman :( W211

    Just noticed the front of my grill, looks like a stone hit it a quite a speed :( Did not notice before that it was plastic ! Stone would not have been so bad, but it looks like the plasty chrome covering is lifting. Anyone an idea of how much for a replacement? or where I might even...
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