1. D

    Sl500 r230 battery alert visit workshop? - batteries working

    Hi all, The instrument cluster on my SL has been illuminating of late in the Red Alert mode, the left cluster shows the Battery icon whilst the other states "Visit Workshop". The issue being is that nothing seems to be amiss. Both the starter and the consumers batteries are performing as they...
  2. A

    Changing key batteries

    First, am I right in thinking that when I press lock/unlock on the key fob, if a little red light flashes it means that the batteries are running low? Second, when looking up how to change the batteries, I've seen some pretty uncomfortable stories about keys suddenly not working when old...
  3. C240Sport97

    SONY Vaio batteries

    need a new battery for an aging VAIO laptop -- model sve151j11m I just can't find a Sony battery anywhere; it looks like you can only buy batteries that will fit a Vaio, not one made by or for Sony. Is this because Sony left the laptop business? If only 3rd party batteries are...
  4. P

    Vito 638 with 2 batteries?

    Hi all, New to mbclub as wanted to ask a question that is probably really simple to solve and make me look stupid! :mad: Can anyone tell me why there is a battery under the passenger seat on my Vito 638 but also a battery under the drivers seat too? Many thanks and look forward to your...
  5. Stig2082

    CLS AMG (219) - how many batteries??

    Hi Guys, My Command unit has frozen and just plays a radio station and none of buttons work. Have been advised by Command repair dealer to disconnect battery to reset it before bringing it in as that solves lots of the issues. I disconnected the one in the boot, and Command still in the same...
  6. Cyclone1

    Advice - Batteries!!

    After leaving the car at the airport for a few days in the week, the car started fine but the Battery Convenience message came up. The car drove fine for 40 miles then the Battery Convenience warning flashed up again but all still worked fine. Then got to within 5 miles from home and the Radio...
  7. merc85

    s211 and same batteries

    As above lol, im sure you peeps are used to my dull grainy pics from my mobile, so i finally got around to getting some batteries in the Camera so you can see my cdi properly. (if thats a good thing) lol
  8. andy27168

    Batteries disconnect/reconnect CLS55 AMG

    Hi, Going to be doing some electrical work on my CLS 55 AMG at some point in the next few days and will need to disconnect both batteries. I'm sure I read somewhere there is a specific method of doing this, eg rear battery first then the front battery, and then the opposite when reconnecting...
  9. Spinal

    Aerosil (or similar thickener for batteries)

    Does anyone know where I can get some aerosil 200 (or similar) in the UK? Struggling to find it, and I can't find any reputable company making gel batteries small enough to fit a micra... M.
  10. dan-mb

    New battery for CLK 209. OEM?

    The main battery has been causing me problems recently and now wont go 48hours without going flat. The car is in constant use so im hoping it just down to cold weather and the battery age. Can anyone recommend a good battery for a CLK 240 (209) 2.6 V6. do i go OEM or does it not matter...
  11. P

    Discharge rate on car batteries

    Going to change my car battery, but as the battery is still sort of ok, I wanted a more precise way of determining when a battery needs to be replaced. Obviously if the voltage drops quickly over time, the battery has to be replaced. But how quickly? All batteries will have a natural decay...
  12. J

    W164 Airbag - Do I need to disconnect both batteries?

    I have a new steering wheel to fit to my 2011 ML350, having spent some time researching, I can't find a definitive answer on whether I need to disconnect the auxiliary battery as well as the main battery. Are there any pitfalls to pulling the aux battery? Car is due at the dealer on Monday...
  13. D

    2006 W639 Viano eating key batteries

    It's the type below. Batteries only seem to last a week or so. I presume it's a short or a dodgy button, I'm just wondering is there a known issue/fix? The lock button on the other key I have doesn't work either, any way of replacing these on the cheap? How much does coding cost?
  14. S

    W202 fob batteries

    Can any one explain why my c36 eats batteries like they are Easter eggs! I use the car possible 2\3 times a week and the batteries are lasting 1/2 months. Any advise welcome. This is using an original fob.....
  15. Chalpkin

    Batteries for three button key fob

    Hi all, How many and what type of battery/batteries does the three button black plastic key fob take? Regards, Chalpkin.
  16. DSB SL AMG

    Fob batteries...

    Keyless entry would not work on my E55 today, when I got into car had a warning note display pop up telling me to check fob battery's, so quick search on ebay and there's loads of them...can anyone recommend which are best? It worked ok after, but warning note re-appeared Thanks, DSB.
  17. G

    Key fob. Which type cell batteries for 04 Sprinter 316?

    Hi Can anyone tell me please what type of 'button' batteries are used in the remote key fob for my 2004 Mercedes Sprinter 316 Camper van, I have the key but there are no old batteries in it. In the hand book it shows 2 batteries that are Panasonic and it looks like they are CR20** but I can't...
  18. E

    Yuasa batteries - any good?

    The E55 is fitted with a Yuasa maintenance-free battery; can't tell the exact type - the markings are hidden. It looks like new, but then, hidden under the seat, so it should. Does anyone have any experience of these? I've had them on bikes in the past, but not on cars. E55BOF
  19. P

    New Batteries, but now no charging

    I have had a '54 E270 CDI for a couple of years and ever since I bought it I have occassionally had 'Battery Protection, Convenience functions temporarily disabled'. This could occur at any time, not often at startup but often in hot weather in traffic, but usually cleared after a few minutes...
  20. Spinal

    Optimate on multiple batteries

    A question... does anyone have a cost effective way of maintaining multiple batteries? I have an optimate on the duke, which is absolutely great. I was thinking, if I get a second optimate, and hook up the other 10 or so car batteries in parallel, would the optimate be able to keep them all...
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