1. 2013 S204 C350cdi

    2013 S204 C350cdi

    Auxilliary Battery
  2. 2013 S204 C350cdi

    2013 S204 C350cdi

    Snap the three clips at back open
  3. 2013 S204 C350cdi

    2013 S204 C350cdi

    Aux Battery Location
  4. Sumac09

    Help! SAM unit or Battery's Drain ???

    Hi, I hoping somebody can give me some idea why my '07 ML is having some kind of electronic breakdown ! Drove 2 min up the road warning light comes on to say the bonnet is open, then the third brake light had failed, then the red car outline, then it came up left side SRS failure. Parked up...
  5. vijilants

    W204 battery charge voltage reading in speedo cluster ?

    Yesterday I called out Mobilo because I had a flat battery on my W204. The engineer that came out jump started it and then was monitoring the voltage values via an engineering menu in the car, but it was being displayed in the centre circle of the speedo. Does anyone know how to access this...
  6. John

    Battery state of charge.

    Take a 12v battery which from new starts at around say 12.7V. When it reaches 11.9, it is supposedly discharged. How can a battery at this level still turn a car over fine without any trouble? Or is this not what is being referred to? (Measured on a multimeter)
  7. C

    E Class battery durability

    Looks like I'll be parking my 15 plate E 220 bluetec for a couple of months while we're away, will the battery or batteries have enough left to start it up again after this length of time? How many batteries has it got anyway, I know there's one under the bonnet passenger side, but is there...
  8. M

    Electrical issues - battery?

    Our 2006 ML 320 CDi seems to be having something of a hissy fit at the moment. 1st symptom: was occasional car alarm problems, random alarms even with tow and interior sensors turned off. 2nd symptom: after a couple of weeks we found the tailgate would not open - and then it would Now...
  9. Alex225

    Battery Charger - Car Outside

    So, my CLS has been sat still for some time covered up and as you'd imagine the battery is knackered. Tried charging it but not having any of it so I have an OEM one I'll be picking up today. Over the winter I know the car will be laid up and covered as I won't be using it during the winter...
  10. D

    CLS Auxiliary Battery

    Hi I recently had the red 'battery' symbol appear on screen on my 2006 CLS320 CDI with message to visit workshop, well I did a volt test on main battery with ignition off it is 11.9 volts and with engine running 14+ volts. a test on the auxiliary (once I discovered that there was such a thing)...
  11. A

    Battery keep draining

    Hi, I have C-CLASS C200 CDI BLUEEFFICIENCY EXECUTIVE SE AUTOMATIC 2010 my car battery keep draining every day I googled and found replacing battery will not help, something is running even after parked the car. Please advise Thanks
  12. P

    Slk 320 battery?

    Time fora new battery for my 2002 320 SLK, I managed to drain it while operating the roof several times with the engine off! Any suggestions please? Thanks
  13. MSG2004

    Key Battery - Is this repalced at every service?

    Hi We bought a brand new GLE in April last year. Rarely open the windows via remote control but noted this summer the windows would not open via remote. However, the open/lock and open/shut boot worked well from close by and distance. As it got hotter I thought I'd try the new/spare key...
  14. D

    Sl500 r230 battery alert visit workshop? - batteries working

    Hi all, The instrument cluster on my SL has been illuminating of late in the Red Alert mode, the left cluster shows the Battery icon whilst the other states "Visit Workshop". The issue being is that nothing seems to be amiss. Both the starter and the consumers batteries are performing as they...
  15. Iddy112

    Auxillary Battery Malfunction

    Hi guys, Just had the auxillary battery malfunction light in my E63. Its a 2014 W212 on 21k. Anyone had this before? Is it just a case of replacing the aux battery in the boot? If so any recommendations of a good quality replacement that will stand the test of time? Thanks in advance Iddy
  16. C250BLUE

    Auxilary battery warning message

    Hi, I've got an Auxillary Battery Warning message flashed up in my car this evening and the annoying thing is my car warranty expired last month. :mad: Anyone know how much it will cost to fix it by the dealer? I also understand there isn't a 2nd battery in the w205, so what can the problem...
  17. D

    Auxiliary Battery dilemma

    Hi guys, my name's Bobby i own a Mercedes E300 Hybrid ESTATE . Few days ago i had the ''AUXILIARY BATTERY MALFUNCTION'' message on my dash and since then it's been painful times as i cannot find the location of said battery. Went to 2 garages, MB dealership, everyone is wild guessing, no one can...
  18. Alex225

    Visit Workshop - Battery

    I did have a search to see what I could find on here and it seems that this error, likely/possibly correlates to the battery in the front being knackered? So I got myself a replacement battery. The main one was changed last year and although I know that sometimes needs a charge due to...
  19. F

    Auxiliary battery malfunction

    Hi all, I'm in France at the moment, had a message displayed today saying that the auxiliary battery had malfunctioned. As far as I can see, the only problem seems to be that the eco stop/start isn't working. I've had a look on Google, and I don't think it's exactly an emergency, but can...
  20. Herishi

    S211 red battery warning

    So I got this warning today, I'm guessing alternator but the car is running fine! Any ideas here? Thanks Steve
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