1. merc85

    w211 Engine bay Plastic cover's ?

    Does anyone know the correct part number for these covers? Were they ever avalible in the uk for the Pre facelift cars? Just thinking abit of weather protection cant be a bad thing not the my car really gets wet lol. Will the 2006> facelift covers fit if not?
  2. M

    W211 e55 engine bay smoking

    Hi all I currently have a 04 e55 82k miles, when starting the car yesterday I decided to open the bonnet and I realised light smoke from the drivers side, it stops after 5 mins I turned the car on this morning and no smoke. From research on forums I have a feeling it's the gasket cover...
  3. 1

    Loading bay rules

    I received a parking ticket whilst unloading my 1990 250TD which was in a loading bay. It was for being an incorrect type of vehicle. The rules are that only "motor vehicles and trailers constructed for the carriage of goods" are allowed to stop in loading bay. I want to argue that my 1990...
  4. Spinal

    W203 - Unlocking doors from engine bay

    So, stupid moment here... Imagine this, you have the bonnet open and the keys in the ignition. The ignition is in the ON position, but the engine isn't started. Then you forget and close the door, which is locked. Now, imagine that happened with the car blocking your other car on your...
  5. ivandraganov

    Spare socket in the engine bay

    Any idea where this should be connected...
  6. merc85

    w211 e55 engine bay

    Spent a few more hours on the engine bay, It hadn't been touch since new i don't think. Done the usual, Let abit of Gt85 soak into the dirt and grease for a few mins then agitated it with Small paintbrush, wiped clean with a rag. Polished the slam panel and inner wings with some Srp...
  7. whitenemesis

    One Tidy Engine Bay ...

    Not much to see here!
  8. steve333

    Engine bay cleaning

    The wife's new slk is in very good condition but like most the engine bay has never been touched by the look of it and being a fussy so and so I would like to keep it clean,what's the best method for doing this(not steam cleaning)?
  9. C

    94 E320 coupe _ Click/tick in engine bay

    So i picked up the above car on Monday, and have noticed a repeating tick or click from the engine bay, either from or below the pas fluid reservoir. I noticed when in the car at night, the clicking appears to dim the backlighting on the ac control, so assuming ac related? Any thoughts please...
  10. M

    W204 2010 Ignition ACC fuse in engine bay location

    Hi guys searched the forum but not found an answer hence why i'm starting a new thread! Just looking for a ignition ACC spare fuse in the engine bay of a W204 2010 Pictures would be great if not just a number. Thanks Minesh
  11. trapperjohn

    G Wagen on The Bay, 5K, Light Restoration.

  12. B

    W169 A180 Blowing Noise from Engine bay

    Hi all again. Beginning to doubt MB's quality. I took my wife's son to Gatwick before Christmas and had to stop off in Fareham on the way which is about 40 miles from where we live. As we went into a car park in Fareham, on the way up the serpentine ramp, (I had the window down as I had just...
  13. I

    Want to convert Vito van cargo bay lights to LED strips

    Hi guys / gals. New to this forum, so hi to everyone. I have just bought a NEW vito 116 Bluetec van. I had my last Vito van from new since 2004. Loved it :-). Ok, so in my last van I converted the rear cargo bay silly little light, to two strips of LEDs, simply by wiring them straight to the...
  14. tcb180

    W203 Cdi 220 Diesel Leak Engine Bay

    Could smell diesel on occassions for months now but no sign of a leak anywhere.Sometimes poor starting too. Today things came to a head. Big smell and upon examination, the clear plastic line above aux belt is leaking quite badly. I want to change all clear ones in engine bay as they are...
  15. G

    Engine Bay - safe to remove ECU cover to clean?

    Well, basically just as the title says - and my apologies, if it's a silly question - is it safe to remove the cover from what I presume is an ECU, take it home, clean / paint / carbon wrap, etc? The rest of the bay is looking reasonably good without much effort, but this cover ... well, see...
  16. merc85

    Engine bay spruce up s211 cdi

    Gave her a spruce up under the bonnet tonight sod all on tv lol:D
  17. G

    How do I route a wire from engine bay into footwell?

    What is the best, i.e. the safest, way to route an electric wire from the engine bay of 2006 W169 into the driver's footwell? Is there an existing conduit I can just slide an extra wire through? I'm fitting DRLs to my A200, and don't really fancy damaging anything in the process :crazy:
  18. brucemillar

    Good engine and engine bay cleaner please?

    Folks Can anybody recommend a really good engine & engine bay cleaning product? Something that will get all the grease & oil residue off along with the normal road dirt film and leaves things like the washer bottle looking nice and fresh/white with nice yellow caps. As a preference I like...
  19. DanMorgan

    Immigrant in W124 Engine Bay Article...
  20. Dave Richardson

    E Bay Heads Up Display Unit

    Has any one bought one of the cheaper HUD units from e bay ? I'm looking at A8 Car HUD Head Up Display OBD II OBD2 Auto Gauge 5.5" Dash Screen Projector UK | eBay or this one Updated Car HUD Head Up Display System OBDII Universal Overspeed Warning 04IF | eBay anyone ?
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