1. grober

    Britains greatest invention BBC2 Thursday

    This Thursday at 8.30pm BBC 2 . Perhaps a couple glaring omissions 1. the World Wide Web - Tim Berners-Lee? and 2. the first working full body MRI scanner- Prof John Mallard [YOUTUBE HD]m7JSWh6zbr0[/YOUTUBE HD]
  2. S

    Scrapper! BBC2

    You have a lovely E63 if your on here Terry :)
  3. KillerHERTZ

    Heads Up: Final Topgear with Clarkson etc Tonight - 8pm BBC2

    Final ever Clarkson Topgear, Gary Lineker guest. BBC2 8PM
  4. Ted

    Bbc2 right now

    Looks interesting.
  5. KillerHERTZ

    Top Gear back on tonight Sunday 25th 8pm BBC2

    Love it or hate it, its back on tonight :) Heads up...
  6. S

    On now BBC2

    Grand Prix. The killer years.
  7. grober

    Tonight Blade Runner 10.45pm BBC2

    Blade Runner the final cut tonight at 10.45 BBC 2 If you haven't seen one of best movies of the 2nd half of the 20th century watch it or at the very least record it. Film Noir, Detective thriller, Dystopian Science fiction its all those but greater than the sum of its parts. Harrison Ford is...
  8. P

    "Restoration Road Trip" BBC2 Sun 9pm

    Heavy Metal!... 1/3. "Si King and Dave Myers go on a tour of the UK to meet enthusiasts restoring machinery from the Industrial Revolution, beginning by helping renovate a steam-powered winding engine at Pleasley Colliery in Derbyshire. They then head to London, where Dave drives the city's...
  9. Steve_Perry

    BBC2 - 9PM: Das Auto: The Germans, Their Cars and US

    Looks like an interesting program on straight after the last Top Gear tonight. Das Auto: The Germans, Their Cars and Us at UK TV Listings Guide Just a heads-up. S.

    SPEED DREAMS BBC2 2200hrs

    As the title states........ British Motorsports enthusiasts travel to Utah to race their vehicles.
  11. brucemillar

    7:15 BBC2 Tonight The Spitfire

    A must see for all Spitfire lovers (I hope)
  12. R

    BBC2 now...My child the rioter

  13. C240Sport97

    FYI:: BBC2 - How to build a supercar

    How to Build a Super Car Sunday 20 November 8:00pm - 9:00pm BBC2 2/3, series 2 How the McLaren racing team used Formula One technology to design and construct the MP4-12C road car, whose design features include a carbon-fibre safety cell and the first engine the company has ever...
  14. AANDYY

    The 1951 Festval of Britain. BBC2 20.15 hrs. 24/09/11

    Looks interesting :) BBC iPlayer - The 1951 Festival of Britain: A Brave New World
  15. AANDYY

    World's Most Dangerous Roads - BBC2

    BBC iPlayer - World's Most Dangerous Roads: Alaska Last weeks was good, tonights looks even better :thumb: BBC2 21.00 Sundays.
  16. AANDYY

    The making of QI BBC2 9:45 PM, Saturday 10th September 2011

    BBC iPlayer - The Making of QI :thumb::thumb:
  17. Palfrem

    BBC1 and BBC2 missing from my 6 month old Sony?

    Just re-tuned the TV following the switch-over but BBC 1 & 2 are nowhere to be found? Anyone got any ideas please?
  18. AANDYY

    The Hour. BBC2

    Anybody else watching The Hour ? I think it's fantastic! can't wait for the next episode :bannana:.
  19. AANDYY

    Murray Walker: Life in the Fast Lane. Tonight BBC2 19.00

    BBC - BBC Two Programmes - Murray Walker: Life in the Fast Lane :thumb::thumb:
  20. AANDYY

    Lead Balloon. Back on tonight BBC2 22.00

    :rock: :bannana: :thumb: :D
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