1. Fryingpan78

    Sound City, BBC4 10:15

    Really good documentary film this, the rise and fall of one of the most influential recording studios of the last ~30 years. Contains lots of Dave Grohl, Fleetwood Mac.... -t
  2. S

    Anyone see BBC4 Whistle Test 70's special ?

    Just watched the Whistle Test 70's special on BBC4. Some great artists on show including Dr Feelgood, Vinegar Joe, Brinsley Schwartz :thumb: just to name a few. For anyone into The Old Grey Whistle Test who missed that, definitely worth looking out for the next screening

    BBC4 10PM The Golden age of the British sports car

    As the title....Magnificent Machines.
  4. Simon_M

    Rallyings Craziest Years - BBC4 Sunday

    Documentary about the Group B years. Done by the same chap who did some good ones on F1 and the 1955 Le Mans disaster. Also repeated over the following week. S
  5. D

    Morrissey on BBC4 right now...

    One of the best singers from one of the best bands of all time is on bbc4 right now. :thumb:

    The Secret Life of the motorway - tonight BBC4 22.00hrs

    Repeat of this fabulous series. :thumb: BBC - BBC Four Programmes - Secret Life of the Motorway
  7. grober

    SERENITY tonight at 11-15 ITV4

    Little known full length movie feature spin off from the short lived FIREFLY television series. Directed by Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, its a strange mix of Space Western, Scifi and Martial arts but works quite well despite that. Worth a look and gives a good impression...

    The Secret Life of the National Grid-tonight 21.00 BBC4

    Cool :thumb:

    The first men in the moon - BBC4

    Just watched this VV good :thumb:. Repeated a few more times. Probably!
  10. AANDYY

    Wellington Bomber doco on BBC4 now

    BBC - BBC Four Programmes - Wellington Bomber :thumb:
  11. whitenemesis

    Clapton & Winwood On BBC4 now

    Brilliant :bannana::rock:
  12. Ted


    Britains great drives. Now
  13. robert.saunders

    BBC4 The Joy of Motoring Wed 18 Feb 09 21:00

    Tristram Hunt looks at how motoring has gone from allowing us to explore the English countryside to the present day of speed cameras, congestion charges and environmental issues. Could be interesting :rolleyes:
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