1. R

    Merc specialist near Beaconsfield

    Can anyone recommend an MB specialist near Beaconsfield Bucks? Thanks!
  2. A

    Big Thumbs Up - Hughes of Beaconsfield

    Just had a list of niggles and an MOT completed on my '04 W211 and I've got to say the whole experience was painless and pleasant thanks to Hughes and Service Plus. I'm loving MB! New brake pads AND discs all round, two new rear coils, new wing mirror housing/wiring to fix intermittent...
  3. M

    Hughes of Beaconsfield

    My car was making a vibrating noise due to a gear box leak so booked it in for a check over as its under the original warranty. I was told to bring my driving licence for the courtesy car and be there for 8am. I got there at 8am and there were three other people also there and we all waited...
  4. M

    Anybody used Hughes Beaconsfield ?

    In my search to get a B service under £400, these seem the last hope. Anyone had any experience of them?
  5. 2swift4u

    Respray from Hughes of Beaconsfield

    Has amyone here had body repair work done by Hughes of Beaconsfield if so were they any good I had the n/s of the my car resprayed by them because some one had hit me i was and still am very disapointed with the paintwork even tho they sprayed it twice its been about 6 months now and the...
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