1. S

    Is this quite possibly the best bead?

    Came out to my daughters car this morning and was very impressed with my handy work. Is this considered a good bead?
  2. alano

    New alloys with split bead

    Just thought I had a slow puncture turns out I have a split bead on my alloy. Is this common ? I have never had it before with BMW or Audi ? The mechanic said it was as common as mud Even fords are susceptible to this ? Any one had this happen to their alloys .....
  3. M

    Autoglym Site by Make It Bead

    Hi Everyone. Thought it would be time to put to bed any bad press or report of scamming customers. All the below sites are real, all have products in stock and all are run by me! Car Cleaning Products | Car Care Products | Make it Bead Meguiars G220v2 Polisher Dual Action Porter Cable...
  4. C

    Distorted bead rim and tyre condition

    Looking at a Mercedes Approved 06 CLK. Passed its MOT but with an advisory of 'NS front road wheel. Slightly distorted bead rim'. Tester says 'it is nothing' but cannot seem to explain what it means! If nothing then why mention it? Anyone explain/advise please? Also on the multi-point...
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