1. B

    High beam headlight question

    With the headlights set to auto, and the stalk pushed away, the high beam icon with the 'A' lights up on the dash to show that the car is deciding when to turn high beam on. But can anyone confirm that it will only turn on high beam if you're doing more than 30mph? This seems to be the case...
  2. J

    Cluster lights off main beam on

    Noticed yesterday when driving that the dash is blank, no warning lights, clocks, indicator lights etc Indicators work, car runs OK, doesn't go into limp mode (though I have only driven it for 10 mins at a time) Main beam is on constant Visually checked fuse no 42 and seems good (haven't...
  3. mcshape

    Adaptive Main Beam assist INOPERATIVE! 3 weeks left on warranty!

    Hey everyone!, This is my first post, delighted to be here. Have trwled the threads the last 2 weeks about this error but said i would ask the question see if anyone could advise. I have a 2010 W212 E200 CDI Avantgarde with the Active BiXenon lights. About a month ago the drivers side xenon went...
  4. markjay

    Headlamp Beam Converters for Continental Driving

    I mean these: Are they mandatory for driving in France? And also is it legal to drive with these when I am back in the UK, or would I need to take them off immediately after crossing back from France? Thank you...
  5. J

    Mercedes Sprinter LWB 2011 - Dipped Right Beam and Dipped Left Beam intermittent

    hi ive got a mercedese sprinter LWB 2001. I hit somebody straight on front impact around 3 months ago only doing about 5 - 10mph (not my fault). Just thought this impact may make a difference to the diagnostic of my fault. For the past few weeks, sometimes when i start the engine i get...
  6. K

    Headlight main beam switching in Auto

    I have a 2016 A250. I find that with the lighting switch in the AUTO position and driving at night there is a 2seconds delay between switching from dip to Main beam. This is not the case on my partners A200. I have reported this to my Merc dealer as a safety issue and their response is that...
  7. S

    W211 Xenon n/s low beam

    Hi Just noticed the nearside low beam is out on my w211 e220 cdi. The offside is fine. Should I just buy a replacement bulb or is there likely to be something else wrong here? Can anyone tell me what type of bulb is required? It is an HID Xenon I think. Any help appreciated cheers.
  8. P

    W213 Multibeam high beam assist..

    ... Seems to be hated by lorry drivers. Been flashed countless times by lorries, only very occasionally by cars, when using high beam assist on a roads. Even when the road is flat and the car can see the lorry lights they'll still flash me. Anyone else getting that? I'm reluctant to use the...
  9. K

    Mercedes E350 estate W212 HID bulb fuse low beam

    Hi the dipped beam bulb has gone on my 2012 E350 blue efficiency W212 I have replaced the bulb but no joy. Where is the fuse located should have checked that first. If it's not that suspect maybe ballast. How easy is it to replace Cheers
  10. MercedesDriver

    Yellow lights - fog and long beam - legislation

    Getting into foggy season I've tried to find on web (PH and other) if yellow lights are legal or not but with no success. Only what I've found is this from MOT manual "Two front position lamps must be fitted, one on each side and show a steady white light to the front (or yellow if incorporated...
  11. X

    W204.9 2011 xenons adjustment to European beam

    Hi (Noob here) I have RHD W204.9 (2011 facelift estate model) with xenon lamps. From what I can find online I should be able to change the lamps from UK to European beam. How do I do that? Through the computer or is there a lever which I need to switch manually? Any help will be...
  12. dad4geer

    Intelligent Light System

    Yes I am sure this must have been asked many times but I'd appreciate if someone (in simple words) can explain the settings for UK... I have tried to read the manual but it's not clear. Just tonight I went for a quick drive on a quite dark B road (one-way) and I noticed the road got well lit...
  13. B

    W220 Low Beam Elecrtonic Fuse Location?

    Have an S320 2002 with Left Low Beam Bulb failure, these are Halogen Bulbs, the Bulb had blown so replaced it with a fresh one but still not working, I understand that the Low Beam is protected by an Electronic Fuse? does this need resetting and where is it located?
  14. V

    W204 main beam

    Was off downs country lane last night and thought I'd give my main beam a go for the first time. So flicked the stalk forward ...and nothing. I did get an icon appear in the dash display, but no main beam. My lights are always set to 'auto'. So what's the deal? Do your lights automatically...
  15. M

    W204 Projector headlight sidelight, dipped beam, indicator colour

    Hi guys as above just need to know what colour wire is the sidelight, indicator and dipped beam to the headlights of a W204 2010 A key would be great UK spec non xenon Thanks Minesh
  16. M

    Main Beam not working

    On my W208 230 clk the main beam and headlight flash has stopped working. I've checked fuse's and earths and they seem OK Anyone come across this before Thanks in advance
  17. F

    Mercedes E Class C207 low beam to short.

    My low beam lights dont do adaptive thing and working just to short. How to manually change the distance ? What could be possible reason anyone came across that issue ? I do think that some sensor may be dead how much it could possibly cost to fix it.
  18. P

    2014 220 E AMG Line - LED High Beam

    Hi - I have an E Class AMG Line with Part LED headlamps - I want to replace the full beam (Halogen) with LED as they look poor and perform poorly compared with the LED main beam - any thoughts / pointers ?? I am considering this kit H7 HIGH BEAM CREE LED TURBO SUPER BRIGHT 7200 LM XML CHIP...
  19. P

    W168 2001 - replacing main beam headlight bulb

    Impossible to get at IMHO.... Really winds me up that its so difficult these days to change something like a bulb. Should be a 10 minute job. Passenger side. Other bulbs not so bad but this is impossible. Wondering if its easier to take headlight unit out completely? (Used to have an...
  20. CowleyStJames

    No wire clips holding high beam h7 bulbs in

    I have a 60 plate C200 Executive SE Cdi and had to replace a high beam H7 bulb today. There wasn't a sprung wire clip to hold the bulb in place just seems to push in. Both low beam bulbs have a spring clip but neither of my highs. Is that correct or have mine gone missing? Nothing mentioned...
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