1. M

    Help?????Om642 front main bearing tick after service.

    Have had my w163 320cdi serviced and now has a ticking sound coming from engine. MB has confirmed issue. Anyone here replaced the bearing and can it be done with engine still in place? Also has anyone had to pay to have this done and how much would it be? Thanks
  2. M

    W203 strut bearing rubber 'nubs' direction

    Hi All, Can anyone advise what direction the fat and thin 'nubs' on the strut mount should be? I recently changed both front shocks and fitted the strut bearings back as was. Currently trying to track down why the front driver side wheel has a clunk and feels like it its bobbing up and...
  3. B

    4MATIC drive shaft bearing

    Someone told me that replacing the front drive shaft bearing (A1129800115) on 4MATIC cars is good preventive maintenance especially on high mileage cars. Has anyone done this on his own? The part is pretty cheap but I'm not sure if it's easily DIY-able.
  4. J

    Front wheel bearing rear seal abs ring???

    Hello gents. Upon inspecting my recent abs sensor problem I noticed that the reading kept falling to 2km/h every few seconds and setting the abs esp defective codes. Code was front right speed sensor visually inspect component. Pulled the hub and noticed the rear seal is missing rubber. Is...
  5. A

    W638 108d wheel bearing

    Hi. My van has had two new wheel bearing fitted on the front drivers side this year, and now it needs another one.... This has been done by my local garage, who I've used for years. They've been good as gold but.... I'm getting a little annoyed about it... So 1st took it in, in Feb. Simple...
  6. J

    Wheel Bearing Cost

    Hi All, we have recently bought a W203 55 plate 2.1 C200Sport .. last week the front lower arms had to be replaced and now we are being told ball joints need fixing as there is some movement... how much is this going to cost? The arms cost £186 Many thanks in advance
  7. zoros

    Supercharger bearing or clutch

    Excuse my ignorance but when the engine is cold, very cold and I flash it up, there is a loud clicking / metallic 'catching' sound coming from the vicinity of the supercharger pulley / tensioner area. After the engine gets hot (not warm) the sound goes. Tensioner or supercharger bearing? As an...
  8. D

    Big End Bearing Replacement SLK 320

    I'm considering replacing the big end and main bearings on my SLK320. I'm well aware that it would be better to do a full engine out bottom end rebuild with reground crank, new oil pump etc but I'm on a budget and the rest of the car isn't that special to warrant the cost, it also has 135k...
  9. RyanMuller

    supercharger pulley bearing noise

    Does anybody else get this screechy sound? The new pulley has only done about 2000 miles. Thanks
  10. P

    Front drivers side bearing exploded at 80MPH!

    I think I have had enough of Mercedes cars. 2008 Mercedes E280. Headed off for our annual camping vacation to the South of France on Friday. Caught the Dover to Calais ferry and headed off down the autoroute at 80MPH / 130KPH reached Reims 2.5 hours in. The car felt great. Passed a vehicle in...
  11. J

    Is this noise a wheel bearing issue?

    Hi guys - grateful for views - I have a noise coming from the wheel(s) in my 1995 W202 C180 - which sounds like this: Only really prevalent at slow speeds. Do I need a replacement wheel bearing or does it sound like something else? Thanks! Jamesie
  12. t-dawg1

    FEBI BILSTEIN W211 wheel bearing hub

    Just ordered one for my W211 as the bearing was beginning to make quite a loud noise at speed over 30mph though when car jacked there is no noticeable movement of the tyre when shaken at with hands on 12/6 o'clock position. I did repack them about 3yrs ago so I'm guessing they have run of...
  13. P

    front wheel bearing advice please

    can the front wheel bearings be adjusted on my 2003 w211 3.20 cdi. I have slight play in the right hand side wheel.
  14. OneForTheRoad

    front bearing seal.

    Hello, can someone help . I changed out the bearings on my w211 front hub with a Lucas kit , I now have abs fault , is it the seal that works with the abs sensor or the bearing underneath .
  15. bob6600

    Sealey Topchest 3 Drawer Portable with Ball Bearing Runners

    Just seen this on HUKD....Is this worth the money? Under £40 (use code MARCHMAD) Sealey Topchest 3 Drawer Portable with Ball Bearing Runners
  16. T

    front wheel bearing

    Hi every one ,does anybody know how easy is it to change a front wheel bearing on a c220 cdi (w204 ) 2009 model ,thx in advance
  17. W

    W204 Rear Wheel Bearing kit

    Hi, I own a W204 2007 C220 Sport. The left hand rear wheel bearing is worn causing a loud rumble at speeds above 25mph. I noticed you can get a bearing kit for these with 4 bolts that bolt the bearing to the hub. Are these easy to do. Can you do it without removing the drive shaft. I...
  18. E240estate

    Miniscule Ball Bearing Inside Injector - lost

    At long last managed to get all 4 injectors out using the screw-in puller, which entailed dismantling the injector tops before removing. I think the rocker cover's OK, but the problem I've got is that I have lost two of the tiny steel balls from inside the injectors. I'm going to need to get...
  19. BAZ-500SL

    W124 320ce bearing bracket

    Ello guys after a bearing bracket for a w124 320ce, part number from mercs was , A1042001328, the number I have on the unit is 104 205 0405, I have also attached a picture below
  20. M

    W202 589 00 43 00 Mercedes bearing tool

    Hi Would anyone have one of these to sell? Cheers, Matt
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