Can anyone beat this for low milage tyres

    Can anyone beat this for low milage tyres Test date3 February 2014 Test Result Fail Odometer reading 5,417 miles MOT test number 4162 0483 4062 Reason(s) for failure Nearside Front Tyre has a cut in excess of the requirements deep enough to reach the ply or cords (4.1.D.1a) Advisory...
  2. The _Don

    What Cant a C63 AMG Beat in a Drag Race?
  3. C

    PCP-Can you beat the system?

    Car is on order. Can pay cash or part cash plus loan. Could also do PCP and keep the capital on hand for other uses. But question is can I play the system and take out the PCP with the merc contribution and then after three months say get a settlement value and settle. The aim to use the...
  4. Borys

    Beat my range competition :-)

    After 60 miles trip, range on my 2010 ML350cdi blue efficiency...amazing
  5. marv53

    And the MB beat goes on !

    Evening, Just hit the 200k mile on my W203 c220 Coupe auto It's giving super (I believe) mpg. I travel 40+ miles to and same again home 90+ miles minimum x5 times a week. Own it for 2.5 years now only changed the maf sensor !

    Can you beat Palfrem?

    Just read his post about his Toyota Landcruiser. In short, he has done a tad under 24,000 miles in 12 months. This is in the LC, whether he drives another vehicle I know not. This for me is roughly FIVE years motoring. Is there anyone that can top 24K miles in 12 months?
  7. R

    Ireland beat Wales...

    ...a great victory. Proud to say 4 old boys from my old school currently on the field...D'Arcy, Kearney, Kearney and McFadden.
  8. W

    How German cars beat British motors - and kept going

    I'm sure forums have done this topic to death, but it's still an interesting read. BBC News - How German cars beat British motors - and kept going
  9. H

    Is my gearbox beat, or is it a simple fix/adjustment?

    On driving my s124 from London to NI via Liverpool, I've noticed that the car seems to slip/lose drive in third gear. If I lift off when driving at, say 40mph and the car decelerates, the revs will flare and it will slip for a second or so beforegoing back in to 3rd. Is this a problem that can...
  10. W

    Nobody will beat this SL

    Not ebay but autotrader USA Cars for Sale: 1997 Mercedes-Benz SL320 in Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334: Convertible Details - 344296923 - Thoughts?!
  11. The _Don

    March car sales beat expectations
  12. B

    Can anyone beat my WBAC valuation?

    Im not selling, but put my s124 E36 through 'we buy any car' valuation for a laugh. I know it is not worth a fortune, but £75??!!
  13. jimti

    CAn any one beat this?

    Shortest Double yellow lines in Britain? :dk::confused:
  14. W

    Problems with all my vehicles this week - beat that?

    I think i have had the worst luck of my life with my vehicles this week: 1) Sunday morning trying to go to church, the 210 refused. It started and stopped immediately three times. It's never done that before. :dk:So we gave up and we all got in the Accord. 2) Had a dicky starter in the...
  15. michaelk3289

    Man City beat Man United at Old trafford

    I have waited 32 years for that result, 32 years what a magical moment!!!!!! enough said
  16. R

    OMG Italy beat France...

    ...22-21, what a great match.
  17. C

    Beat a Vantage and a Gallardo!

    Last Saturday I got the opportinity of taking out a brand new Nissan GT-R for a thrash. I knew this chance would not come up very often so after a cautious start I soon grew in confidence. What a machine, incredible acceleration and my passenger even seemed to be enjoying himself. As my...
  18. M

    Last day to beat the fuel duty increase

    Anyone who needs fuel would be well advised to top-up today. If you leave it until after the bank holiday weekend, it's likely to cost around 3.5p extra per litre due to the combined effects of the rises in fuel duty (from tomorrow) and VAT (from Tuesday). UK motorists set to be hit by rising...
  19. mercedescl500

    What does it take to beat a CL63 Black series ?

    Since we have all this buzz about C*63's I was wondering what it would take to beat one :D, found a good video demonstrating what is needed Linky YouTube - Moscow Unlim 500: Jeep SRT-8 vs MB CLK63 AMG Black Series :cool::cool:
  20. ringway

    320CDI (OM613) Missing a beat.

    2002 320CDI (OM613). I started my engine last night (it had been running for 15, miles 40, minutes before that) and it was a little hesitant to fire up (as though started without waiting for heater plugs to get to temp) and although not too noticeable, ran as though missing a beat on...
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