1. E

    S63 Beater

    :eek: N6OaZZM8hbM
  2. Jim G

    E63 Transformed into a world beater

    With help form MSL, devils own water methanol injection and Wizards of Nos my car has been transformed into an even better super car killer!!! :thumb: Combined with the Weistec stage 2 supercharger the water methanol injection and the Nitrous oxide kit has transformed the car...
  3. I

    Help panel beater needed :-(

    Hi All, I was wondering if someone could recommend a panel beater in NW London area. Im living in Harrow and work in Amersham but will travel to get a job/ get a good deal. My brother was guiding me into the folks driveway and guided me into a wall :-( I was tempted to give it a go but...
  4. M

    Mercedes planning X6 beater...

    I read that MB is planning to launch a rival to the X6, which will be based on the new ML. Few could see the point of the X6 and it looks gross (IMHO) - but it has sold. (I think BMW can sell anything to their aficionados!) I wonder if MB fans will go for it...!
  5. B

    Mercedes Beater???

    2001 HYUNDAI XG30 3.0L AUTO Mercedes Lexus & BMW beater | eBay UK
  6. B

    Does anyone use a beater to go to and from work?

    Delivery date is getting nearer and for the first time I want to get a beater to run too and from work, I literally works 5 minutes drive from home but need to drive as im suited and we have no showers at work (I would cycle or run if we did), I also need the time in the mornings and evenings to...
  7. Howard

    Smart car - AMG Beater ...

    Oh really ? :rolleyes:
  8. M

    Panel Beater?

    Hi everyone, Im looking for a good panel beater that can take a ding out of my front nearside wing. Somebody reversed into it today! :mad: Im in Woking in Surrey (Doesnt have to be in Surrey, dont mind travelling a bit if the chap is really good at what he does). I know some of you on here...
  9. H

    New Prius World Beater?

    NEW PRIUS WORLD-BEATER. Toyota’s Prius division is continuing its quest for a world beater in the ugliest car in the world competition. Experts think they may well have cracked the prize that so narrowly eluded the current model. Toyota will reveal its next Prius at January’s Detroit Motor...
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