1. toolman1954

    Obe for victoria beckham for fashion

    OBE FOR VICTORIA BECKHAM FOR FASHION Really!!!! are there no more worthwhile candidates for an OBE for humanitarian reasons than an OBE for Fashion !! Having never been a " Dedicated Follower of Fashion " I just do not understand why someone gets a...
  2. 1945wickedred

    Sir David Beckham?

    Did I really see this headline on the front page of a major newspaper the other evening on Sky news preview.Surely this is a monumental mistake for what has this guy done to deserve such an honour,he has been rewarded handsomely for kicking a football around over the years and has accumulated a...
  3. MangoMan

    David Beckham

    Recieved this, this morning: David Beckham decided to go horseback riding. Although he has had no previous experience he skillfully mounted the horse and appeared in complete command of the situation as the horse galloped along at a steady pace, Victoria admiringly watched her husband...
  4. D

    Beckham's Merc for sale on Ebay. Should be a bargain then?

    take a look - S500 - very nice luxurious car - just £75,000 - I'd have thought that maybe the price tag should be well below the current market guide price, bearing in mind the previous owners but I must be...
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