1. Happytalk73

    Daughter's Bedroom revamp.

    We evicted our daughter from her room today and moved her into the spare bedroom. A full revamp of her bedroom & en-suite is planned. Everything is under control but I'd like help/advice on a starry night ceiling. As a starting point can anyone give thoughts on these: DiY FIBRE OPTIC...
  2. E

    Never keep a parrot in the bedroom.

    The Parrot, Who Saw a Sex - YouTube :thumb:
  3. MercFanUk

    Car hits first floor bedroom!

    BBC News - Car hits upstairs bedroom in Epsom as owners sleep No pics yet that I can see, but just how fast do you have to be going to mount a car and then vault into a first floor room?
  4. E

    Why not to have parrot in the bedroom!

    The Parrot, Who Saw a Sex - YouTube
  5. mercmanuk

    bedroom cabinets/furniture required

    does anyone own,work at ,know of a good place i can get made to measure bedroom cabinets,drawpacks etc..preferably in the manchester area...
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