1. R

    Beer voucher for spring compressor loan

    Hi, Request for help. Anyone in the Midlands with a spring compressor they're prepared to lend me in exchange for some beer vouchers? I'm changing the lower control arms on a "94" SL320 R129 Thanking you all in advance.
  2. U

    500 SEC At this price he must have been on the beer !!

  3. P

    Beer O'Clock

    Had enough of MB problems for this week. So it's time for a few beers. Sol is my choice. What you all on tonight?
  4. developer

    Like Beer? Like Guitar Riffs?

    This guy, who we went to see last night (Notorious Brothers), likes them so much, he combines the two :cool:. Sorry about the camera quality. XoHkAcOEKfU
  5. BlackC55


    The last beer you would ever drink. What would it be? It has to be only one. Mine is HSB.
  6. developer

    Lager, Beer, and Headaches

    I've never been a drinker, but when I do have a pint it's invariably lager. I find it can give me a headache, and was told a long time ago it's because lager is full of chemicals :dk:. Can the panel advise (from experience) an alternative that I could try, which is less chemical and...
  7. Godot

    Nice gig down the local Pub's Beer Garden

    Concert @ The Kings / Concert against Cancer @ Kings Arms, All Cannings, Devizes, Wiltshire [YOUTUBE HD]BBDxaF3angc[/YOUTUBE HD] See here, on the side of the page, for the acts. Landlord must have some "pull":):thumb: Concert @ The Kings / Concert against Cancer @ Kings Arms, All...
  8. Stratman

    Woman MP has beer banned for being offensive

    Top Totty beer banned from House of Commons bar in case it offends women No prizes for guessing her 'job'.
  9. Godot

    The tax system explained in beer

    The tax system explained in beer Suppose that every day, ten men go out for beer and the bill for all ten comes to £100... If they paid their bill the way we pay our taxes, it would go something like this... The first four men (the poorest) would pay nothing. The fifth would...
  10. R

    Starkbierzeit - German Strong Beer Festival - Munich?

    Hi Has anyone ever been to Starkbierzeit - German Strong Beer Festival in Munich? If so, what's it like in terms of atmosphere, fun, and average age of people who you tend to see out? Cheers
  11. NW_Merc

    Does anyone know where I can get empty beer kegs?

    Now this may seem like a silly question. I'd like to know where to buy or get a hold of some empty beer kegs (the metal type). The reason? Well like you see on different strongman events, I just want to get a couple to do some strongman type carrying training by loading them to a preset weight...
  12. LTD

    Wanna help get me free beer ?

    If so, join me for a virtual night in at my house
  13. reflexboy

    Beer in the evening

    Just had a look on for a pub in West London and the review read as below: (made me laugh-like the bit about the Escort. i once went into this pub after missing a 267. I was met at the door by a small gathering of shirtless 19 year old yobs exercising their poor...
  14. pammy

    Something for you beer fans
  15. B

    Free Beer!

    OK, so it's light (and from the wrong side of the Atlantic), but what the hey! Get in there ;-) (ooops, soz, meant to pop this into off topic)
  16. Howard

    Make Up vs Beer

  17. BlackC55

    What is your favourite beer?

    Probably the most important question in the world..........? My favourite lager is Stella Artois. Its the only one with taste and you don't have to drink 15 pints to get pissed. My favourite bitter is HSB by gales (now Fullers) The taste is very interesting and full of character.....also it...
  18. L

    A reason to head for Wigan BEER!

    OK, a little plug but the wigan beer festival is on from tonight!! go here to check all the beers that will be on in the Beer Festival section.
  19. A

    My beer festival

    My mini easter beer festival is coming up. We will be putting on 38 beers over 4 days. For a bit of fun I thought it would be good to see what beers you all would like to see.
  20. scotth_uk

    Beer with Australians: The Nurburgring in April....?

    Hi All, A couple of mates are coming from Oz to drive the track, and we're going to head over for a few days. Most likely going to be flying over and renting a few cars, but still a possibility to drive over depending on who's coming. Probably going to avoid the Easter weekend, as it's full...
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