1. merc85

    Top Gear, Proper car vs Beetle n posh fiat

    Heads up TOP GEAR BBC three Proper car vs beetle and a posh fiat lol
  2. flango

    VW Beetle Needed urgent

    Hi All I need a VW Beetle urgent preferably a 1.6 but 2.0 would be OK, not silver and not modded. Budget up to £2500 I have scoured Auto trader and ebay and will be gong hunting this week but if anyone knows anything local to them or someone that is selling one I would appreciate pointing in...
  3. grober

    Mercedes Beetle!

    Just some proof that Mercedes toyed with the idea of rear engined cars :- The 150H coupe Racey! The 130H Practical RCJ4LxRPcyQ The 170H bigger beetle Rear-engine Mercedes-Benz - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  4. tasn1

    I am driving a Beetle... James, my colleague`s VW Beetle was up for a service buut he needed a car to go to Cardiff, so we called our insurance companies etc, so he borrowed my car. I have driven my mates "horrible"...
  5. 300CE

    Volkswagen Beetle LHD with Mercedes Bonnet

    Volkswagen Beetle LHD with Mercedes Bonnet | eBay
  6. R

    Beetle w/ Mercedes Bonnet

    Its kinda like a Mercedes. But on LSD. Volkswagen Beetle LHD with Mercedes Bonnet
  7. P

    New Beetle (2012)

    I like it....go check it out! may buy my lad one for his first car next year
  8. BaldGuy

    New BBS boots on the Beetle

    So I finally have my new BBS CH-R's fitted with the following specs... 8.5J front with 235/35/19 Pzero 12J rear with 305/30 Pzero A few before and after pics.....
  9. P

    My new Beetle .....

    I have been absent for a while, at least in posting terms, but I have been popping back on a frequent basis to see what has been happening. I heard that MBClub was starting a ‘Beetle chapter’! Since I sold my CLK55 last year I haven’t really had another toy, I did consider an M5 at one point...
  10. R

    VW Beetle Info

    I've just bought a VW beetle to replace the crap Renault for the wife and was wondering if anyone knew if there was a website that shows original options like the Mercedes one? (Also, does anyone want a Megane Cabriolet...LOL) As always, cheers in advance
  11. verytalldave

    For those that own a VW Beetle..........

    Not recommended by the HSE............... YouTube - How to change a VW Genetator-Alternator Fan belt! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
  12. R129mine

    car for my wife (beetle)

    hi ever since i bought my r129 my wife told me she wanted a cabrio too :) (can't say i have had much pleasure of the softtop this summer but there you go) she is particularly keen on a beetle cabrio (new shape) and i quite like the look of them as well. I usually buy cars when they are 5...
  13. stats007

    VW Beetle Restoration

    I have a friend in the Southampton area that is looking to have a complete respray and some rust sorted on her 1971 Beetle. Can anyone recommend a VW specialist or decent restorer that won't cut corners so it rusts through in six months time? Probably worth Waxoyling if the wings etc are going...
  14. big x

    Jet powered beetle

    Check out the moped too :eek: My guess is the drivers ear drums will be sucked into the jet intake ! adam
  15. Thmsshaun

    VW Beetle 1972 TAX Exempt

    A friend is selling this and open to sensible offers. Currently in the Police force and selling as he is taking a year break to travel and work in Newzeland. Please PM me if you are interested want to know more to make an offer or for viewing. 1972 beetle, 1300 model with 1600 engine...
  16. anarchy-inc

    beetle cab

  17. pammy

    Get the beetle out..........

    .......ok - so can you get to the highest level and get the Beetle out every time? Here loads more games here too to have fun with - enjoy :D
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