1. P

    Audio 10 CD code needed not to sure where to begin

    Ml270 Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
  2. J

    Parrot mki9000 - let the mods begin

    Very early into ownership of my c180k (2 days in fact!), I realised I missed the Bluetooth from my S60. This got me searching for a hands free kit. I didn't want a screen so the mki9000 from Parrot seemed to fit the bill. I found a chap on the bay selling a brand new sealed unit and thought I'd...
  3. The _Don

    Gulzar Edition Mercedes CLS63 AMG....let the pimping begin!!
  4. W

    Where do you begin?

  5. mobeyone

    And the repairs begin....

    Have had the car since May and already it needs the ball joints and control arms changing.... Both sides.... Just like the good old days:(
  6. nick mercedes

    looks like the dale farm encampment is staying

    Is it one law for travellers, another for everyone else? | Mail Online One law for us another for the pikeys?
  7. J

    finally! got a c200 on a 99T, let the fun begin..

    hi guys im JB and ive just got back on the road after I twisted my ankle pretty bad during footy, its been a long 6 months but just bought a c200 espirit in aquamarine blue and it's fully loaded! full grey leathers, eps, full electrics, 125K on the clock, mechanically great and the best i could...
  8. D

    I don't know where to begin with this beauty....

    This looks like a bad dream....:crazy::crazy::crazy: Swap - Mercedes Clk 270 2005 diesel automatic
  9. The Boss

    LONDON underground Strike to begin this eveing at 7pm

    Thousands of members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union will now walk out from 7pm today until 7pm on Thursday, bringing the network to a standstill. read more at: BBC NEWS | England | London | Talks break down over Tube strike
  10. andy_cyp

    Begin the quest.......... awesome.
  11. Dieselman

    Let the bling begin.

    You made me do it. I was quite happy with my car until evryone started modding. This weekend I added to my car. :cool: Dash rings Gear selector chrome Pedals Wheel stars Even my new detachable towbar is shiny.
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