1. horatio

    Behr radiator, made in China

    I bought a Behr radiator from Euro's to replace the original Valeo and TBH it looks pretty naff quality. Cheap, shiny looking plastic tanks & hose connections on the sides. Has anyone had problems with these? I'm half tempted to send it back and get a Nissens or something :( (I know...
  2. J

    Behr w124 Radiator Reinforced or not?

    I know many sing the praises of Raysons Radiators in Yeovil so I ordered a Genuine Behr Replacement as I was told "all" new ones have reinforced necks...................... My Replacement Genuine Behr turned up today after a long wait only to find neither of the necks are reinforced! I am...
  3. merc85

    e320 cdi valeo behr issue

    As above, can anyone on here tell me from my vin when my car was made? It was registered 7-11-2003 vin: wdb211226a2401388 its on a 53 reg, ive looked at the Rad from the top and i think it may be Valeo as the end tanks on the side are Tooth fitting. The Gearbox Atm is nice and smooth, does...
  4. Lipsylee

    BEHR radiator part no ???

    Just looking into changing the radiator if needed and was wondering if anyone had the part no for the behr radiator so I can check costs ect . Thanks lee.
  5. J

    cheapest place in SE England for W209 valeo rad upgrade?

    Have just purchased a W209 clk55 and want to upgrade the rad to a newer behr for peace of mind. Can anyone recommend somewhere who will do it for a fair price in SE England (London, Essex, Kent, Herts) ? Also, if anyone knows where I can get one online cheap to take to the garage to save a...
  6. bpsorrel

    Behr radiator

    We met up with my cousin and her husband, down from Scotland, at the Russian Spring Festival in Trafalgar Square yesterday. Well, he has a 2004 S211 320cdi which recently was diagnosed with the dreaded Behr radiator gearbox issue!! He was ready to have a real song and dance with the dealer...
  7. O

    Is this a Valeo or Behr?

    I've just bought a W203 C220 CDI Sport Coupe, 1 previous owner and FSH, with 90k miles, just wondered if someone could tell me wether this looks like a Valeo or Behr radiator?, I saw a white sticker on it which usually points to that the radiator has been changed but I wanted to make sure...
  8. A

    Valeo or Behr rad

    I own a 2003 W209 which might be potentially infected with the glycol issue. I have read on the forum ways how to identify your radiator based on the crimpring method of the coolant hoses etc. Lots of people have trouble Identifyinf their rad brand, so this weekend I was able to get a good...
  9. A

    W211 and the Radiator issues? behr?

    Hello My dad helped me today collecting some stuff from our local B&Q, anyway when back home I had a quick look under the engine. On part of the Rad as you look down at the Rad it has a sticker BEHR So what does this mean? The car was bought new in 2003 by him, Its a E320Cdi Estate? if...
  10. P

    Behr Radiator Part Number?????

    Hi anyone know the part number for behr radiator??? ive recently purchased an e class 320 and there is a sticker around the rad area (possibly on the intercooler) which says behr. The numbers on it are : Q04 a6356 and A2115001102, do any of these numbers make any sense to any one??? Just want to...
  11. D

    Behr viscous coupling - where to buy?

    I'm working on a kit car for someone that has a broken viscous coupling (cooling fan clutch). I'm unsure of the origins of this viscous (i.e. whether it was supplied by Ford, GM, MB, etc) but I'm informed it may have come off a Mercedes 190E. It's a BEHR item and has the Behr part number...
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