1. MrT

    Belkin Wireless N Modem Router

    Boxed in as new condition, done factory reset. Includes mains adapter, telephone line cable, software CD and quick-start sheet. Model number F5D-8633uk-4. Can be used for ADSL broadband or as a wireless N access point, etc. Has connections for 4 wired network devices and upto 16 through...
  2. A

    Using a belkin wireless router as a hub extender

    Hi all, I have BT Home Hub or whatever it's called and it only comes with 2 ethernet connections on the back. One of these is being used to connect a PC that benefits from having a wired connection for quicker downloads and the other goes into a Linsys Pap2 which runs 2 VOIP phones. I now...
  3. Swiss Toni

    Belkin Router HELP!

    I bought a Dell laptop and Belkin Router last week- Having set it up, all worked fine and then the laptop lost the connection, I have tried re-installing, but now the PC does not communicate with the router at all?! If there are no obvious answers, I will call the helpline when it opens on...
  4. marc777

    Anyone used a Belkin FM transmitter with i-pod

    Has anyone used one of these (apparantly transmits wirelessly to the cars audio system) and is it any good? For £30 + it seems too good to be true in terms of the alternative wiring setups i've seen. Marc
  5. P

    Just bought a Belkin PRE N wireless card !

    WOW :D what a difference ! I had a rather naff Linksys card that kept going to sleep :( so I bought one of these :) what a major difference ! am getting 54G all the time and I can now see the border of next doors network (about 400 yards away !!!) Im dead chuffed I will be buying a pre N...
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