1. T

    Beloved CLK63 Convertible, need advice re Engine

    Hi Chaps, I'm hoping one of you can point me in the right direction regarding a trustworthy option for an engine repair / rebuilt and refit on the 6.3 V8 unit. The beast has ran perfectly since I purchased a few years ago. Have clocked up 96k (around half done by myself), but this weekend an...
  2. Giantvanman

    Pupils show respect for a beloved teacher

    The video clip may seem a little strange at first to Western eyes but worth watching to the end for the full impact. WATCH: When Their Beloved Teacher's Hearse Pulls Up, These Students Do Something Truly Unexpected [VIDEO]
  3. B

    Beloved W124 Keyed

    My lovely W124 has been keyed by some B******S starting at the back wiper and finishing off on the bonnet. Really gutted. I have found someone who will fix the damage and at the same time replace the drivers side wing which is rusty. The problem is I'm having trouble finding an original wing...
  4. The Boss

    NEW ML spotted in my beloved Stanmore

    .. wish i could have a smile on my face.. in the flesh it once again did not impress visually, very very boring, and very small wheels make it look ridiculous.. seriously, BMW/Audi have nothing to worry about on visual appearances anyway.
  5. bingo999

    Selling My Beloved S500

    Well the time has came.. i may be losing my job very soon and if that happens i wont be able to run the merc any more. so is anyone after a bargain the car is a 2001 Y reg 92000 miles has all the usual S class refinements inc. climate control COMAND unit heated and ventilated Pulse front...
  6. S

    Sad times for my beloved e220 w124

    Hi Sadly the time has come for me to reluctantly change car. With the arrival of my new daughter I am finding my saloon just isn't practical and I'm forced to look at a seven seater. However the problem lies with resale. I cannot justify having two cars. So she must go. However do I...
  7. Ian Topping

    Jerky down shift on my beloved 208 CLK55

    I have read many of the threads regarding lumpy gear changes etc. but have not found one that meets my experience with the car. Basically the gear change is quite abrupt when changing up at speed or when the car changes down. If you press hard done on the accelerator, it goes down the gears ok...
  8. The Boss

    window problem on my beloved w124 cabrio

    Ladies, Gents. hello long time no speak.. need to pick your brains.. the rear driver side window works periodically.. when i push the window button, it goes down, but then stops randomly. It then wont work for any time scale from 1 minute to 8 hours.. then randomly, it will start working...
  9. De_Godfather

    All My Beloved Vehicles must go !

    Mercedes AMG – For Sale Unfortunately due to a Seperation, this labour of love must be sold, I am gutted about this, but sometimes I guess these things happen. The car started life as a 320e but being a bit car crazy I just could not leave it alone. I slowly started to make various...
  10. B

    5 x Lorinser style 18” alloys with SP9000 tyres (W202 / from my beloved C43)

    Immaculate Condition / Nothing Refurbished / No gutter scrubs / New & Almost New Tyres / Perfect example! (ET 35) Bullet points> • 2 x brand new (never used or fit to car) front wheels and tyres / 225 18 40 • 1 x immaculate condition wheel and tyre 225 18 40 • 2 x immaculate condition...
  11. dougal74

    Beloved C124 E320 - For Sale

    Despite the fact I bought this car as "a keeper", needs must and with a first baby due in November she is going to have to go. Here is the spec. sheet and photos: - I bought the car this time last year and she has done 131k now, very...
  12. 0

    Where to take your beloved Merc for servicing? Anywhere, but definitley not Colins F

    Guys, I understand that there have been a few posts on recommendations for a place to service or repair your Merc. just want to share my latest experience with you. My automatic transmission fluid was leaking last month so that I decided to take the car to Colin Ferns Near Richmond in Surrey...
  13. garystu1965

    I'm selling my beloved C270 CDI

    Hi everyone, I'm selling my beloved C270 CDI around Nov/Dec time as I will have had it three years :( :( :( Many tears will flow I tell you :( :( :( I'm not moving from Mercedes and will be buying either a C320 CDI or a CLK 320 CDI on a 55 plate or above. I bought the car in December...
  14. Fudger

    My beloved SL is for sale

    Guys, I am off to Australia for 2 years with my company and taking the family. I now have to accept the fact that the SL has to be sold but I am absolutely gutted to do so. Before I start the process of advertising it generally, I would much prefer to let it go to someone here first. If you...
  15. Ian B Walker

    My beloved 260E

    I just thought that it was about time that I put my Car in the Gallery. with refurbed wheels really do need a coupe rear end Well you have to have them dont you? Well I think this looks nice, not silver TeeHee Keep protected dude? :D :
  16. G

    Beloved C280 SPORT needs a new home

    Buying a new house means that my 1998 C280 has to go - can't fit all the kids in so have to keep the Scenic! It's black, with black leather interior. Fully kitted with Climate Control, folding rear seats (its a saloon), factory sunroof, 5 speed auto etc. Basically this came with all the...
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