1. L

    420SE M116965 belt pulleys

    Last night I had a crazy failure of belt pulleys. The viscous fan hub is getting noisy so I took it off to see if I could fix it (can't, but that's another story). Now, that's held on by the same 4 bolts that also hold the pressed-steel pulley on the water pump, as far as I can tell...
  2. A

    Changing Timing belt

    Hi, guys. I just bought a 2009 Mercedes A160 CDI, diesel. According to its service history, the mileage is 105K, and it never gets the timing belt changed. Should I change it immediately? Also I cannot even find the timing belt in the bonnet, where is it?
  3. JohnnyLou

    Serpintine belt

    Hi, can any members give me some advice on renewing a serpentine belt on a 2008 S204 C class 220 tdi estate, I understand the basics of fitment but can't see the 'lug' that you have to push forward to relax the pulleys that the belt runs on, any tips please would be much appreciated ....
  4. M

    M113k 5 piece pulley kit + belt wrap kit

    Hi everyone I am a bit confused as too which manufacturer I should use to replace my idler pulley and would highly appreciate any advice given. On my 04 e55k (engine m113k) the double ribbed pulley(idler pulley) needs changing, a company called UPD offers a 5 piece pulley set so I can replace...
  5. AngryDog

    Belt wrap kit / Belt Slip

    What belt wrap kits are available? Are they a necessity? I do not know if I get belt slip, I do not know what it would be like even if I was getting it. Is a belt spray a viable option?
  6. N

    Do eüro w202 have seat belt warning in cluster

    I wonder if 1998 -1999 w202 C43 AMG had seat belt warning illumination in cluster? Seat belt warning is on the bottom left side corner seen in cluster display. I don't know if I have this feature seat belt warning on my car or if my bulb is out? Do any of you have it on your C43 cars...
  7. adile220

    1996 C124 passenger seat belt butler issues

    Hi all Needed some advice - the seat belt butler on the passenger side of my E220 coupe abruptly stopped working today. I had the seat back all the way recently, and was wondering if this could be why. Is there a sequence to follow when diagnosing this issue on these cars? Drivers side works...
  8. P

    timing belt

    looking for recommended mileage to change timing belt on a clk 280 please
  9. M.A.94

    Wanted w211 n/s/r seat belt buckle

    I need a rear seat belt buckle for w211 the part number is a2118604569 i have attached a picture of what it looks like its the single rear buckle on the near side rear.
  10. mark44

    Anyone changed thier c63 serpentine belt? Help!

    To cut a long story short, I'm trying to change my serpentine belt on my c63. Got a new one from MB, correct part number - pretty much same length. I'm really struggling getting it over the tensioner pulley - it seems about 1 inch too short, and there is zero give. Access is very hard with...
  11. E

    E280 2007 Poly v belt change. Om642

    So I’m looking to replace the poly v belt. Has anyone come across a guide for this on the E class. I’ve tried looking around and come across some for the same engine but in different Model Mercs. By looking at it the procedure seems to be: -Remove the dual air intake Y piece...
  12. I

    Help please how to free Child seat from rear seat belt?

    Hi. We have a child seat in the back seat of our e-class (W212) cabriolet. We need to remove it but the seat belt is stuck in the retract position and won't let us extend it. We are stuck as we need to extend the belt to slide over an arm of the child seat to free it. Any help much appreciate on...
  13. horatio

    M111 belt tensioner, pulley & shock, almost new! Fits various Mercs

    I have a belt tensioner, pulley and shock to fit Mercs with (I believe but double check) any M111 4 cyl petrol engine. They were fitted to our C180 very shortly before it was scrapped. The tensioner is Litens (they make these for MB), pulley is Gates and the shock SKF. £35 posted. Good...
  14. M

    SRS light on, seat belt presenter not working, some advice please!

    Hi, some advice please folks, my seat belt presenter on the drivers side has stopped working, it puts the SRS warning on, but when I get moving it goes out but the seat belt not fastened warning flickers on and off, any ideas?
  15. S

    Mercedes GL420 gives me regular seat belt hugs...... Help

    Hi I'm new here so thanks in advance for any help offered I bought a 2007 Mercedes GL420 last December, and I had a problem that has got more and more persistent the seat belt pre safe operates when I'm driving resulting in the electronic seat belt tensioner operating both driver and passenger...
  16. K

    Seat Belt Noise

    Hi All, I am new to the forum here. There is an older unsolved post with a similar issue that I have posted on but to no avail. Anyway, I have recently bought a 2014 E220. When I fit my seat belt and the automatic tensioner has run and tightened it, I then hear what sounds like an...
  17. brucemillar

    Seat Belt - Release Buckle Paint?

    Folks Please be nice. This is a pedant problem, but one for my OCD, that I would like to solve. My (almost fully restored) W124 seat belt 'release' buckles, have all faded badly from their original nice bright red factory finish to a milky pink. Can they be restored? Or is it a replacement...
  18. J

    W204 coupe seat belt height

    I have a UK spec 2014 coupe. How on earth do I adjust the seat belt height? There does not appear to be any adjustment sliders.
  19. J

    Cheaper V belt 'mare

    Just thought I would mention this case it helps anyone :0 I ordered a Meyle V-ribbed drive belt for my Om 642 v6 engine (ebay) It had never been changed , when I swapped it over it just squealed and slipped . Thought I might have routed it wrong ,but hadn't, such an **** of a job...
  20. derekpayne

    W203 Fan belt tensioner removal

    Hi I have removed my alternator for repair, and while I am at it I thought I would cure the rattle coming from the fan belt tensioner, it appears that the shock absorber bushes are worn, but I have removed the bolts I can see but the tensioner does not want to be removed from the engine, I...
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