1. O

    Replacing Seat Belts in W204 Sport Plus

    Just looking for some advice please. Seen a car that I'm keen on buying, but it has the bright red seat belts that I am not really a fan of. Would it be difficult/costly to replace these with normal black seat belts? I only ask because I wasn't sure whether the mechanics of the seat belt...
  2. Oldlae

    Front seat belts.

    I noticed that part of the edge of my front seat belts, where they cross the chest, was very lightly worn and looked slightly 'Hairy.' Not wanting to give a jobsworth MOT inspector the reason to snag the belts, I decided to try something to rectify the situation. I took a cigarette lighter and...
  3. D

    Do you have to have Red seat belts?

    Does anyone know whether you have to have the Red seat belts when you spec a AMG car or can you opt for Black? :thumb:
  4. Aibonator

    C63s Red Seat Belts

    So I've had my c63s on order for the last couple of months, delivery is November. I saw the exact model today in Nottingham and it had red seat belts which looked wicked. Didn't see this as an option on the website and the dealer said they couldn't be ordered? What gives? Can't imagine...
  5. sofawarrior

    W208 clk convertible seat belts

    This maybe a simple question , I need to replace or repair the drivers seatbelt it's real slow to return. Any tips to speed it up ? Are they both the same left or right hand if I can get a replacement ? And anyone got one in grey ?
  6. Ruonis13

    W21 ALL SEAT BELTS STUCK - airbags not deployed

    HI GUYS, I hit a curb with my W211 2003 :fail... I had no seat belt on ( I had a passenger as well - no seat belt as well) So basically my (drivers seat belt is Ok - I can pull it in and out) all other belts are stuck (Except rear middle one) air bags deployed...SRS light is always on as...
  7. Ruonis13

    w211 e class All seat belts needed / wanted

    I HAD A LITTLE ACCIDENT WITH A CURB,..ALL THE SEAT BELTS WENT OFF...I CANT PULL THEM IN OR OUT NO MORE. So if any1 is breaking w211 let me know if you have all the seat belts, (rear middle one not needed) Many thanks
  8. M

    350e seat belts

    Hi i have a 2015 C Class 350e and i have notice that the seat belts don’t take the slack back when you put them on like my old C Class did. I know you can turn them on and off but can’t find the setting. Has any body else had this problem with a 350e and do you know where the belt tensioners...
  9. merc85

    Seat Belts? What to clean them with?

    What is the best thing to use on seatbelt webbing to get it clean, Mine are light grey (well) use tobe but the kids etc have made them dirty. :confused:
  10. M

    v belts E55 AMG

    Hi When should the v belts be changed and how is it to change them. I noticed on the B service that is due that the compressor belt should be changed. I was going to buy contitact belts as they say they only need changing every 100k
  11. thebig1

    W204 Seat Belts

    Hi, Is it just me or do my front seat belts seem wrong??? I mean, every car I have ever driven, including a 2014 CLA courtecy car, have the seat belt clip (The part on the belt that clicks into the anchor) is facing inwards on my W204 but on every other car it faces out. So you have to twist...
  12. zoros

    Serpentine Belts needed

    Can someone reccomend a good source for all the belts I need for my SL55 AMG? Thanks in advance Z
  13. Richiebuoy

    Cleaning beige seat belts

    Whats the best product for cleaning beige seat belts...... thanks in anticipation.
  14. U

    Rear seat belts not releasing

    My wife noticed how the rear seatbelt in the Ml (2006 model) do not move freely, they just get tighter and tighter when you move about. Is there a simple fix for this, i'm guessing it's through lack of use but was hoping there is a "how to" guide somewhere on this particular problem. Dave!
  15. C

    W202 - auxiliary belts?

    Hi I got an MOT advisory AUXILIARY BELTS perished, what belts are these? I am assuming fan belt and air con belt ? Car is a Mercedes W202 C230 Kompressor. Looking for correct part numbers / online supplier etc. Many thanks.
  16. L

    CLK Seat Belts

    Hi, I'm a new member with a mint 2005 CLK 270 CDI (facelift, bought last week, great car), my question is: the only flaw on my CLK is the frayed passenger seat belt. Can I replace it easily and more importantly how do I do it? Can anyone help please? It looks to me that my car rarely took a...
  17. M

    124, 125, 210 brand new seat belts

    Seller appears to have batches of brand new seat belts for the above models. The drivers belt on my w124 doesn't retract especially well, and I'm sure there are plenty other cars out there that could benefit from these. Maybe an enterprising soul could buy these and punt them on to members...
  18. A1EK

    I need a diagram to change the engine belts

    HI Guys I have a CLK 230K year 2000. I need to change both the engine belts, the smaller one on the left of the engine that connects the alternator and supercharger and the larger main belt. Can anyone provide me with the diagrams for both belts for my engine 230K with AC? and tips on changing...
  19. S

    W212 Front Seat Belts

    Day 5 and I am really pleased with the car - it is a fantastic cruiser and I love the firmer Sport suspension - so comfortable compared to my previous car (Audi B8 S Line). I find the E has a very soothing effect on my driving (E220 CDi demonstrator did the same). One niggle is the front...
  20. KillerHERTZ

    W209 Seat Belt Presenter

    Since owning my W209, when I get out of the car I have to manually place the seatbelt buckle upto the top of the mech otherwise it gets jammed behind the seat rendering the presenting mech pointless. Am I missing something? it happens on both sides of the car and every passenger that gets in...
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