1. lordlee

    Star in Berkshire

    Does any member in Berks have STAR and a good knowledge of its workings please? I only want to find if I can get a temp display instead of a KM/H reading added to the better half's SLK.
  2. A

    New Member in Berkshire

    Hi New Member here , been lurking for a while and finally plucked up the courage to post ! Years of Bmw's have finally come to an end after a recent poor experience with my local dealer . Looking at a new E250Cdi Amg Estate , but struggling to get a good deal from my dealer. Have looked...
  3. A


    Anyone know a Specialist in Berkshire that repairs only Mercedes cars
  4. G

    Mechanic in Berkshire?

    Despite living with in walking distance of a main dealer, can anyone recommend a Indi mech in the Berkshire area? Looking for bodywork recommendations too please. Cheers :)
  5. G

    Newbie from Berkshire

    Hi Guys, I'm new here. I live in Berkshire. Just brought a W124 E280. I will post up pics when I get it next week. My dad had a few Mercs when I was young- best one was a 2.3-16v Cosworth. I previously had a M270 inspiration. Hope to meet up on an outing one day. Cheers. Grant ( not Polish!!)
  6. S

    Hello From Berkshire - New to Mercedes...

    Hello All, I've just collected my first Mercedes after a few months of waiting for the right one to come up. Whilst waiting I've found this forum to be a great source of information. So thank you from me to all that contribute, I hope in time I can do the same. Initial impressions are...
  7. m3xgr

    New SLK55 owner in Berkshire! Hello!

    hey - hello everybody! Proud owner of a 2005 slk55 AMG for a couple of weeks- having had a few fast cars in the past, this has something special! Look forward to spending time here for tips and advice Max :thumb:
  8. R

    Hello From Newbury, Berkshire

    Hello to all - I have just bought my first Mercedes - a 2000 model SLK 230 and it's wonderful!!:)
  9. stevieb15

    Berkshire High Performance, Maidenhead

    I am going to look at a couple of cars they have in stock for my daily runner. A Cl420 and a Jag S-Type both of which look quite good. Has anyone bought anything from them or have any info about them which I ought to consider before parting with a few of my hard earned
  10. H13BS M

    Good service specialist near wokingham berkshire area!

    My C32 is calling for its Service A, and as its the first service ive dealt with owning the car, was wondering if anyone knows of a good place to go! Cheers Mike
  11. X

    Main Dealer & Indy's in Berkshire & Surrounding Area

    Hi guys, I have just bought a C220 Sport CDI Auto, 55 Reg Needs a Service A, so after reading some posts and feedback on this great site, I have come up with the following, and thought I'd share my results, and see if anyone has any input: (and for my own records for future reference!) ;)...
  12. salesac1

    £35 MOT at Greenoaks in Berkshire

    Just seen an ad by Greenoaks (MB stealers) in local paper - they are offering MOT for £35 (saving £15.35) plus 25% contribution towards the price of any MOT-related work. Applies to the Ascot, Reading & Slough stealerships and is valid only for MB cars. The ad doesn't say if this is a...
  13. M

    Looking for service in Berkshire area

    Hi any recommendadtions for MB servicing in Bershire area ? I've been quoted £280 inc for first A service on my C180K from TonyPurslow @Guildford and want to shop around for some quotes. Previous new Merc we had was a C180 and I paid £175 inc back in 1999 from memory. I was kinda...
  14. Kinky

    Specialists in Berkshire / Hampshire

    I want someone to give my newly acquired 93 E280 estate a thorough and honest going over and a major 122k service (and check a dodgy temp gauge). I'm extremely reluctant to go for a main dealer, and would much prefer to use someone whos as honest as the day is long. I live near Ascot and...
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