1. tron

    HMRC want a billion off Bernie.

    Allegedly, he didn't give them all the fact when they came to an arrangement with him and so they are looking at getting a billion quid out of him. They started digging after bribery allegations were dropped with a 'Ere yer 'onour, 'ow much to make it all go away then? I don't like HMRC any...
  2. whitenemesis

    Bernie Ecclestone: Lies, Bribes and Formula One - Panorama

    Tonight BBC1 20:30 "Bernie Ecclestone has dominated Formula One motor racing for 41 years and made billions from the sport. Panorama looks at allegations against the F1 boss, including claims he has paid a $44mllion bribe and avoided £1billion of UK tax. Darragh MacIntyre investigates and...
  3. ss201

    Bernie owes you £200

    That's roughly the amount of Income Tax Bernie has swindled out of you, me and every man, woman and child in the UK. BBC News - F1's Ecclestone avoided potential £1.2bn tax bill So, should the Inland Revenue ever chase you for not paying the "appropriate" amount of tax, just say two words...
  4. grober

    Bernie E is that a bell I'm hearing?

    "Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee" might just be the order of the day according to some reports. Bribery scandal could end Ecclestone's reign in F1 - Autoweek and Bernie Ecclestone a court witness in Gerhard Gribkowsky bribe case | Sport |
  5. The _Don

    Bernie, button and lewis back plans for london gp

    PistonHeads Headlines - Bernie, Button and Lewis back plans for London GP
  6. L

    bernie does it again

    is there nothing this little troll won't do for some cash. fair play to him though the idea is genius. BBC - Newsbeat - F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone uses mugging in watch advert
  7. Matt32AMG

    The arrogance of Bernie Ecclestone

    Giving Silverstone some 24 hours remaining of the 48 hour deadline to sign the dotted line to host the British GP, Toyota having withdrawn from F1, along with BMW and Honda in the last 11 months, with Renault considering their options and Bridgestone ending tyre supplies 2010, is the man...
  8. kjay

    F1: Has Bernie gone mad?

    Ecclestone wants medals instead of points Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone wants the championship to be won by the driver who gets the most gold medals during the season. "The FIA and all the teams are behind it and it will be done," Ecclestone told The Times newspaper. "Everybody...
  9. Mr E

    Bernie's missus files for divorce

    Mrs Ecclescake's PR company announced today that she is filing for divorce. Bernie's comment was that he didn't know she had a PR company and that "you learn something every day". Of interest is that, for tax purposes, many of Bernie's holdings are in wifey's name including large parts of...
  10. Gucci

    Bernie's '54 Gullwing for sale :rock:
  11. R

    Bernie's old C32 ! Some dodgy comments in there: * This car has been "super tuned" by a Formula One Winning Team * Supercar performance...
  12. Dieter

    Bernie's motors

    Hi, Seem that Ecclestone is auctioning off 50 cars from his collection. here: This includes a 300SL gull wing and a 540K Special Roadster. If I was him I'd drive around in them or give them over to an appropriate show/display...
  13. Maff

    Bernie's sold F1...

    Just heard (but no details) that he's sold his management company to a capitalist group. Wonder what this will mean for the future of F1?
  14. A

    Bernie Ecclestons C32 AMG Estate???

    Just seen this, following on from the ex David Beckham S Class. This has been tuned & sevriced by McLaren? Current price seems steep?
  15. glojo

    Bernie Ecclestone's CLS

    I see that Bernie Ecclestone has had the wheels stolen from his CLS55AMG. It looks like the set of special wheel nut removers that sold on E-bay a few months ago went to a good home! Regards, John
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