1. MC63CLK

    Bespoke Alloy Wheel Manufacturer UK

    Hi does anyone have any recommendations for a bespoke alloy wheel manufacture in the UK. Cheers Mike
  2. munchausen

    bespoke engine ??

    just bought an 1999 petrol vito was wondering is the petrol engine bespoke for this model or does some other MB model also use it ?
  3. Leelee81

    Hello! New Vito 115 owner, bespoke painter.

    Hi, I'm a new member to the forum and thought I'd introduce myself before joining in! My name is Lee, I live near Heathrow, working in Camberley as a bespoke automotive painter. I've been in the industry for about 15 years and was lucky enough to start out in prestige cars such as Porsche...
  4. The Boss

    Anyone looking to rent a bespoke apartment in Canary Wharf?

    Ladies / Gents, just uploaded my video on my new apartment down in Canary Wharf. If you or any one you know is looking for a home from home, the apartment is available to rent and/or to buy. :bannana: Video below :) thanks 8R7FCVSu7ZY
  5. M

    Tuning - ST3 remap vs Bespoke remap

    Probably aimed at *** Tuning but any one else have any info ? What is the difference between the above maps. From what I understand all original manufacture ECU maps are the same. If so, why does the original map have to be sent off to be altered. Isn't there a database of altered maps...
  6. Mudster

    Bespoke Suits

    Firstly, I'm not at all wealthy, I have my own business but it's still growing and I'm a regular guy with a regular income. I'm a bit of barrel shape (5'8" - 46" chest) and I have terrible trouble getting suits to fit me. I find a jacket that fits and I look like Gorilla with sleeves to my...
  7. Tan

    Bespoke Origin B2

    Hi Was just on Origins site and I discovered that you can now get bespoke B2's to match the interior of your car, how cool is that! Regards Tan
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