1. Z

    Ebay beware of hacking

    I had nothing to do all afternoon so gave Ebay Motors a bashing how would you like a 2015 Disco decent mileage for £12,000,the motor traders web site has been taken over as have at least 4others of course you have to pay a deposit within two hours.
  2. S

    Beware of on-line parts supplier

    I need some rear brake components for my Merc E350, did the usual research on which brands are used by Mercedes themselves and then looked for an on-line seller. I came upon "", they showed an excellent choice of products from the best German OEM's, free delivery etc and...
  3. B

    Beware or Buy away?

    I've found a 2006 c220 cdi online, and she looks gorgeous with a dark blue color(picture below). The guy says that the car was given to him by his employer to sell and also mentioned that the car hadn't been used for about 6 months except for "maintenance purpose" runs and will probably need...
  4. M

    Let the buyer beware.....

    Mercedes Navigation Sat Nav W204 | eBay Think he may be mistaken by thinking it's a satnav. I've sent him a message to ask if he's seen it working. Lets see how honest he is!
  5. KNU7S

    Sellers Beware!

    I have been selling my 2 Mercedes 500SL's these last few days and yesterday I had a very nasty experience and wanted to share this with you. I listed the cars on Gumtree and had the usual stupid questions! however I agreed a price with someone who was interested in the one car and they...
  6. Benzmanc

    Delivery companies beware

    If you don't deliver my parcels on time, this will happen.......bye bye van:D
  7. grumpyoldgit

    Keyless entry thefts. Beware.

    Is this info right and cause for concern? New low-cost gadget allows thieves easy access to cars
  8. ian1676

    Dealership Servicing - Beware!!!

    A word of warning for members taking their car to an MB dealership for a service!! Despite having a full MB service which stated the air filters had been changed at 28495 miles (June 2010) and 70435 miles (August 2014). I have just had it serviced by a trusted mechanic for the first time...
  9. L

    Buyer beware SH58 HCZ clocked C63 AMG

    We wanted to start this thread regarding an absolute pig of a car to save some other unsuspecting buyer being stung and extremely disappointed as we unfortunately were. Myself and partner had decided that our next car was to be a C63 AMG. We researched and looked online for suitable cars...
  10. tali

    Car insurance costs: beware charges and fees guide

    Found this handy guide -to the charges car insurance companies sting you with. Car insurance costs: Fees and charges - How it works and what it covers - Car insurance - Insurance - Which? Money
  11. SilverSaloon

    beware of scam car parts website....

    hi just thought i would post this on here to warn other MB Club members.... i read this on the moneySavingWebsite: Any parts - Forums seems a car parts website is scamming people....
  12. Vito

    Beware Of Cheap Car Covers.

    This damage was caused in less than a week.:mad: It was put on a dry car and according to my bodyshop it has 'baked' the roof surface. £90 to repaint.
  13. N

    Beware of the new French Law when driving to France from 1st July 2015...

    Hi folks, Just thought of telling you if you intend to drive to France this summer and beyond that the Bluetooth headset will be banned in cars and motorbikes from 1st July. Anyone stopped by Police using the Bluetooth headset will receive €135 fine (and 3 points if one has a french driving...
  14. modelman093

    Towbar buyer beware!

    Was discussing the spec of a new C estate with the salesman and said that I needed a tow bar for pulling my bike trailer and was amazed to find that the £750 factory fit manually folding set up does not include any electrics . "when ordering please discuss with your dealer any specific...
  15. H20 MRV

    Beware VIVID USA

    Hi Guys, I ordered extended paddles from VIVID USA (Months ago ) and they are giving me a right *ucking about, BEWARE....:mad::mad::mad::mad: ***Group Buy*** Flappy Paddle Fan? RevoZport New Mercedes Paddles - Page 3 - Forums
  16. Wheelsnuts

    Beware cheap MoTs

    Took my wife's Ford Ka for its MoT last week. A local garage was offering MoTs for £29. The car is an 08 plate with 28,000 miles on the clock and I gave it a quick once-over before taking it in, so I thought it should have been OK. However, I got a phone call to say the car would fail on the...
  17. TDE1

    Bicycle lovers, beware.

    The mind boggles.. (Don't know why it's on today's most shared BBC items though) BBC NEWS | Scotland | Glasgow, Lanarkshire and West | Bike sex man placed on probation
  18. Lenny63

    Beware the angry OAP...

    Hilarious :rock::rock: old lady hits car with her bag and air bag deploys - YouTube
  19. T

    Beware - Panoramic Roof Insurance

    Just a word to the wise. It might be nothing to worry about, in which case just ignore my waffling. I have an E350 on order and have been flip-flopping about adding a pano roof before the build is frozen. I've read a few horror stores about maintenance costs when they go dodgy but was moving...
  20. F

    Beware selling scam

    I have recently been trying to sell my 2 cars. First was my merc. here & in our local paper, which included 5 outlets. One turned out to be an internet. I received a very quick reply with an email address of :[email protected] : asking for further details. The text contained grammatical...
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