1. P

    Anyone have a DA polisher near B'Ham I can borrow?

    Hi all Would like to get the scratches etc out of my car this weekend, but cant really afford to buy one. Does anyone have one they would be prepared to lend me? Cheers
  2. S

    Know any retrofitters in Bham?

    I need someone to supply and fit rear camera to my W204 C63 AMG in or near Bham. Anyone?
  3. S

    New member from B'ham, first time merc owner

    Hello All, Got my first Merc last year, went for '09 C250 Sport from MB B'ham Central, very happy with the car so far but started thinking about getting it mapped already :rolleyes: Only downside so far is that satnav stopped working (doesn't see satellites) and MB told me that it was...
  4. Palfrem

    Radio fitter in B'ham

    Does anyone know of a good radio installer in South Birmingham area please? Many thanks
  5. S

    MB B'ham Central (Lichfield Rd, Aston)

    Anyone had any experience of this stealership - I have booked my P&J in there for some fault diagnosis/potential warranty work... In no particular order:- 1) What model courtesy car can I expect :D 2) How attractive are the reception ladies ;) 3) Is the coffee any good :p
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