1. dynamicq

    Any good indies around Bicester Oxfordshire Kidlungton?

    I live in Kidlington. Well recently moved. Looking for a good indie specialist in thr local area +-40miles. If he is that good ;)
  2. Charles Morgan

    Bicester Meet - Sunday April 10th 11am Weston on the Green

    Full details to follow closer to the time but with the kind permission of Simeon Cattle of Classic Car Project Shop at Weston on the Green I am putting together a meet of Mercedes Old and New (W114s and 115s are exceptionally welcome). Sign up below! 1. Charles Morgan
  3. MicB

    Bicester Heritage January Scramble

    My Dad and I will be attending. Anyone else fancy this? Bicester Heritage January Scramble Events - Bicester Heritage Mic
  4. Charles Morgan

    Bicester Meet March 2016

    A couple of people contacted me over the weekend about running another Bicester meet, and so I thought I would speak to Simeon, and the guys at the body shop. My plan this year was to see if I could arrange it to coincide with the completion of my W114 coupe restoration, but as that has slipped...
  5. st13phil

    FlyWheel Festival - Bicester Heritage

    Anyone going to the FlyWheel Festival at Bicester Heritage this weekend? It's almost in my backyard, so I'll be there on Sunday...
  6. Charles Morgan

    Meet at Bicester 19th October for Mercs old and new.

    As the weather has been lovely I've been polishing my 190 2.5 16 to death - anyone fancy a general meet while this weather continues but with an older vibe (cars not people, not that I'm ageist or anything).
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