1. B

    Mercedes Alustyle bicycle carriers

    Hi Guys, I've become a bit of a cycling nut over the past year. Been mainly using my wife's VW whenever I need to carry bikes, but would like to be able to use my E-class. I have the opportunity to pick up roofbars and alustyle bike carriers, does anybody have these? Are they any good...
  2. TDE1

    Bicycle lovers, beware.

    The mind boggles.. (Don't know why it's on today's most shared BBC items though) BBC NEWS | Scotland | Glasgow, Lanarkshire and West | Bike sex man placed on probation
  3. GordonTarling

    Cool Italian Bicycle

    Does anyone think this bike is likely to see the market? Looks really cool, but still would suffer most problems that a normal bike does, except bent or broken spokes. It does fold up nice and small though!
  4. RKC-benz

    Not a car? Then a German bicycle...

    We built this bike for a customer last weekend... Storck bikes are the German uber-brand of cycling. The tech is fantastic, the bikes combine comfort and stiffness and are award winners everywhere they are ridden. In the parallel world of cycling, many MB drivers would pine for a Storck...
  5. Bobby Dazzler

    Mercedes Alustyle Bicycle Carrier | Bike Rack for roof bars | Spare Part or Repair

    Listed on eBay: No key: Mercedes Alustyle Bicycle Carrier | Bike Cycle Rack for roof bars | eBay No key and some damage: Mercedes Alustyle Bicycle Carrier | Bike Cycle Rack for roof bars | eBay I'm selling two bike racks for SPARE PARTS or REPAIR as they do NOT come with a key, and one has...
  6. ringway

    That's some Bicycle

    I like this. Shame about the price. [YOUTUBE HD]34r1xtbh_1k[/YOUTUBE HD]
  7. C

    Bicycle Carrier Advice

    Folks I am thinking of getting a bicycle carrier for my W204 Saloon. There appear to be 3 main options: 1. Tow bar type 2. Roof mounted type 3. Boot mounted type. I don't have a tow bar and I don't want one either. I always thought they looked awful so that option is out even though it...
  8. T

    W212 Bicycle Carrier - Panoramic Sunroof

    What kind of bike carrier can I get for my E350 Saloon with panaromic sunroof?? Can't find any solution on the mercedes website... are the cheapo versions safe from halfords? Do they scratch the bodywork? any insight would be helpful! Cheers!
  9. effbee584

    Bicycle riding in the country

    This rant is just about riding a bike in the country areas, not inner towns and cities, although there is lots could be said. I ride a bike a few times a week for leisure, and have never had a real issue with any type of vehicle. There are also horse riders about, and I would hope their...
  10. W

    Maintenance of bicycle suspension forks

    The forks on my bike are seized (don't go up and down) and I'd like to unseize them. Trouble is that I have no idea how the innyrds work. Has anybody any experience of how bicycle forks work and how to adjust / lubricate them? I've had no luck in getting info on the web about my model...
  11. R

    Road bicycle front wheel anyone?

    Hi, I'm after a second hand front 700c road bicycle wheel. If anyone got one spare, do let me know please. Cheers.
  12. R

    Racing bicycle

    I'm after a racing bicycle, thin as possible, with as many gears as possible! Let me know if you've got anything. Cheers, Ross
  13. R

    Anyone got an old racing bicycle they want rid of?

    Hi, Been looking for a racing bicycle to do a weekend trip with in July, 40miles ish a day. I need to train for this, and soon. Please let me know if youve got an unwanted racing bicycle, or one for sale. Cheers, R
  14. Piff

    Bicycle expert help requested

    Number 2 son has a Muddy Fox "meltdown se" which has 21 gears (3 front cog x 7 back cog) He has a paper round and as far as I can see the bike gets much abuse & little maintenance. The chain has always been rusty & the bike dirty, despite parental criticism. Problem has developed where the...
  15. oldcro

    Riding a bicycle.

    One for the cyclists, very impressive.:D
  16. C240Sport97

    Recommendation for bicycle for 13 year old boy

    Anyone know of any well made teenage bike? BMX bike brand recommendations would also be much appreciated. Anything considered cool would be great too. Needs to have plenty of gears as it's quite hilly where he lives. I have promised my soon to be 13 year old a nephew a bike .. he lives in...
  17. J

    F/S Carrier Bars and Bicycle Carrier - A Class

    Due to purchase of new A Class(W169), I'm offering these carriers from my original A Class (W168). Genuine Mercedes carriers. Basic Carrier Bars, Alustyle, A Class. £100 Bicycle Carrier Alustyle, A Class. £120 They both come with the fitting instructions!
  18. mercmanuk

    Nsu Quickly Bicycle 1959

    Might be of interest to someone on here,NSU QUICKLY BICYCLE 1959.has the origional log book "cardboard type",it of registration 22 oct 1959...engine number....49cc engine...petrol...REG NUMBER KEN 78.. the last time it was used was i presume the last tax disc which is 1975.. the...
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