1. ecossebev

    A Big Thank You

    I get the use of a company van during the week and only really use the car at the weekends, so l leave the car at work where l thought it would be safe. So, can l just take this opportunity to thank the nice people who thought my car would look better without the wheels last night. You haven't...
  2. markjay

    Just another big Thank You to Alfie...

    ...for amazingly good service, for his persistence and perseverance, and above all for his endless patience with me :) Comand Online Ltd Thank you! :thumb:
  3. gaz_l

    Big mileage rollover today..

    15000 miles.. this from a car that's 3 weeks away from its 5th birthday. I really should use it more.. but it seems pointless going backwards and forwards to work when it never even gets warmed up properly, the Panda does that job just fine. So the SLK might be a garage queen, but on days like...
  4. B

    ulsters big g saying "BOUT YE!"

    hello club members just saying hello as ive just bought a 09 clc 200 cdi sport tiptronic seems a real nice car solid and flash
  5. V

    B-Service - BIG question

    How much should I pay for a B Service for a 2001 Eclass at an official MB workshop in london ? - are there cheaper rates for older cars ? thanks
  6. M

    Is a CL (W215) a BIG MISTAKE about to happen?

    I love these things...:devil: Now I have seen them for around 8.5K with FSH... I am looking at the 2003 facelift version (less faults/no rust??? - Is that true? Or shall I get a 01/02 pre-facelift) However how bad are these? OK I know about ABC is that the only big issue? Looking on ECP...
  7. D

    The Big Trip in the c230k

    I am currently holed up in Kaunas Lithuania "resting". Best Western Santakos hotel - use it if you are ever in Kaunas. Very good value and good food. I caught Eurotunnel at 0600 (very good prices at night GBP50 one way) must be the poor BrITs holidaying at home. 2nd in the Q and stright out...
  8. M

    Big Thank you to the men and women who defended Eltham

    I live in Eltham so this story really makes me proud to live there and be part of south east London, Strage really as i am from Manchester and only moved to Eltham around 2 years ago (my wife grew up in Eltham from birth) the first thing that always struck me about Eltham was the pride the...
  9. Godot

    Big Bucks for your Bang !

    The Classicist: VO Guns Debuts the Falcon, World's Most Expensive Rifle, for $820,000 [EXCLUSIVE] :crazy:
  10. N

    I need a very big box.

    Looking for a box approx 200 x 60 x 50 cms to ship something to Malta. I could cut it down to size if it's bigger but needs to be 200 cms to accommodate a pair of sills. Any ideas where I could buy or obtain such a thing?
  11. R

    Big mobile bill; any help or advice...

    I Usually pay about 40£ a month for my mobile use. Just been billed £165.93 because i apparently exceeded my internet usage! (iphone 4 on 12 month contract, (750 mins and 5000 texts and unlimited data.) I queried how this happened and why i received no warning. Also pointed out that I was...
  12. A

    Big Badge Grill on a W211 / S211 ?

    What do people think... Remove the target sight badge for a flat one and install this? I would think its a NO?
  13. G

    Big thanks Ian at 124 Works

    I visited 124 works this morning for a B service on my C180K. I live in North Wales but found the 150 mile round trip absolutely worth while as the service I received was second to none. All in all, a very positive experience, very reasonably priced and I will definitely be taking my car there...
  14. B

    Big clearout - bits on eBay

    As part of a big clearout I have a few bits & bobs on eBay. Mainly car hifi bits but there are a few W124 bits in there as well The infamous Sportline Automatic Gearknob makes a new appearance as well... pvision | eBay UK Nick Froome the independent Mercedes Estate specialists
  15. grober

    Clarence Clemons passes to that Big Band in the sky

    The death of Clarence Clemons sax player late of Springsteens E street band has been announced as a result of a stroke suffered last year. Bruce Springsteen said of Clarence Clemons: "Clarence lived a wonderful life. He carried within him a love of people that made them love him. He created...
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