1. MikeInWimbledon

    Loading a bike Alustyle holder onto Roof bars.

    OK, I know there's always a knack to these things but.... I find it awkward to load lightweight carbon bikes on Alustyle holders onto MB roof bars on my own (i.e. without someone else lending a hand). Am I missing a trick? They're fine to load with one person taking the weight, and...
  2. Eee21

    ML Bike rack

    Hi all I'm looking for a bike rack for the ML 2014 does anyone know of any suitable. Thanks
  3. T

    2017 Bianchi Freccia Celeste - 53mm - Alu-Carbon Mens Road Bike

    As much as it pains me to do this i'm putting my 2017 Bianchi Freccia Celeste up for sale as not being the fittest guy I find the race geometry a little too aggressive for me, I need a more racing endurance setup like my old Via Nirone was. Full info on this model can be found here if you're...
  4. T

    2016 Bianchi Via Nirone 7 Sora - 55cm - Alu-Carbon Road Bike - PX/Swap Fixie

    my Bianchi Via Nirone Sora up for sale. This is the first 'proper' bike before I bought my Freccia Celeste earlier in the year. 2016 model and size 55cm. In really good condition as can be seen in the photos. Hasn't had much use, for the past six months is it's been at my brothers house on...
  5. H

    For Sale W163 and W164 internal bike racks

    Genuine Mercedes W163 and W164 internal bike racks, W164, new and unused, W163 used about 6 times £125 each
  6. O

    C Class (C63/S204) Estate - Fit bike in boot?

    TL;DR Can a C63 AMG Estate (W/S204) take a single road/mountain bike in the boot, with rear seats down, and both bike wheels left on? Longer version. Thinking of swapping from an ageing Nissan Stagea (hearse-like) to a C63 AMG Estate, and had always assumed that getting a bike into the back of...
  7. H

    W163 and W164 bike racks

    W163 and W164 Internal bike racks, both genuine Mercedes, W163 used a couple of times, W164 un used
  8. A

    Scuffed door Kids bike

    Hi guys and girls How best to tackle a scuff/scratch on my door. Some little runt trying to ride his bike one handed whilst carry a skateboard in the other one crashed into my car. He has also managed to chip my door handle, only very small chip but still bugs me so will have to get this...
  9. G

    C Class (W205) Cabriolet and Bike

    Any owners out there managed to successfully load a bike into the boot of a C Class Cabriolet with the rear seats folded down - without having to load through an opened roof? Is it a 'both wheels off' job?
  10. H

    W164 Internal bike rack

    New and unused W164 internal bike rack, South Wales £125
  11. MikeInWimbledon

    W221 / S500 bike racks - any alternative to a tow bar?

    I would love to buy an S500, but I need to carry a bike or two, once a month. Has anyone got any suggestions of how I could do this without going to the faff of having a retractable tow bar? Someone proposed a Saris Bones, but it seems that Saris don't recommend it because of the side...
  12. A

    Mountain Bike for sale

    Hi I have a Claud Buttler for sale Suspension front and back all adjustable with the fronts lockable 27 gears new disc's pads and tyres fitted 6 month ago Cost me £520.00 will sell for £200.00 It's also got trip computer mud gaurds and cateye lights, will throw these in as well...
  13. A

    Claud Buttler mountain bike

    For sale full suspension front and back fully adjustable rear and lock off front for road use, disc's brakes front and back, 27 gears Cats eye LED lights front and back worth £50 Cats eye trip/speedo mud gaurds and pump £60 And I'll even throw in a repair kit lol Total cost of the bike and...
  14. H

    Wanted W163 ML internal bike rack

    Hi, I'm looking for an internal bike rack for my 2004 W163, any help or info greatly appreciated Huw 07769 848836
  15. RH2013

    Thule 532 Easy Rider bike Rack***id=CjwKEAjwxce4BRDE2dG4ueLArHMSJADStCqMa5K78WHzocg_gXNb_cEA3iH3V8OJotUQt-4BQMqjzBoCN8Hw_wcB Still in the box. I ordered one too many. With T Section fitments. £25 collect from Leicester area.
  16. J

    Young bike rider crashes into Mercedes and causes road rage in Dartford
  17. dan-mb

    Modified C63 having fun with a bike (video)

    A quick C63 sleeper! :bannana:
  18. A

    Giant Road Bike OCR Large

    Selling my trusted Giant OCR road bike - large Alumxx forks Alumxx chasis Sora/shimano 14 speed gears Specialized lightweight handlebar Specialized stem 6% lightweight New rear brake pads Red Vittoria tyres I am looking for £150 as the tyres alone owe me £50 I bought the bike for a charity...
  19. chubbs111

    bike electrics

    anyone clued up on bike electrics please,just went to start my bike (honda cbr600)it fired up then cut out and i dont have any warning lights,with ignition on if i press the starter 3 warning lights come on dim but it doesnt turn over.
  20. M

    Thule Roof Bars +Bike rack, CKS Grill, Snow Socks and Boot Liner

    All, My '62 C350 goes back next week, so I have the following available... Thule roof bars (wing bar edge 959X + fixing kit) (£220 new) Thule bike carrier (proride 591) (£70 new) CKS Performance grill (£110 new) Plastic boot liner (£30 new) Multi grip Snow socks XXL (unused -...
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