1. Darrell

    Road bikes.

    Have we got any cyclists on here? My sister has bought me a new road bike for my 50th tomorrow. It's a Specialized Allez Elite E5. So looking forward to get back on a bike, it'll be the first time in a long time.
  2. gaz_l

    Idiots on bikes

    I'd just like to say thanks (not) to the bunch of idiot motorcyclists on the M3 this afternoon. For those not in the know - and what a lucky bunch of people you are - basically there is ~15 miles of roadworks all the way from the M25 to Fleet services, controlled by 50MPH average speed cameras...
  3. cinek

    BMX bikes

    I am on the look out for a new bike for my son (10 years old). He has mentioned that he would love a bmx. Now, I have a fair bit of knowledge on mountain bikes, suspensions, etc. I am however clueless when it comes to bmxs. Has anyone on here got any experience on them? Any specific...
  4. Darrell

    Mountain bikes.

    I am looking at buying one. My criteria goes as such. Nice and light, lots of gears, disc brakes, quick release wheels and must look ok. I am 6 ft and about 12.5 stone. I don't need rear suspension as I am not going into the mountains. It is just for road (to get fit) and nipping through...
  5. jamesfuller

    Ideal truck for mountain bikes

  6. iaingreer

    Best set up for carrying bikes

    In your opinion, what is the best set up for taking 2 bikes on a trip. I'm faced with two options, either roof bars and carriers or else a boot carrier. What would you pick and why and are there any brands to go for/avoid?
  7. marc.l

    Super bikes and shorts

    Seen quite a few people out today riding large sports bikes in shorts and t-shirts,. Have these people never seen Tarmac abrasions ? Or think of the safety implications of falling or getting knocked of even at low speeds?
  8. shorty

    My bikes gone to Scotland

    Ive sold my Hayabusa :bannana: Its been bought by a lad from Helensbrough in Scotland . The bike came from the Uk in 2006 and now has gone back . Its amazing how a few years ago it was cheaper to go to the UK and buy a car or bike , pay the VRT ( this is a horrible import type tax we have to...
  9. gr4z

    Roof rack for bikes recommendations?

    Hi I now have had my 2011 C350 for about 6 months and love it, but am still using the GF's Focus with a roof rack for transporting mine and the kids bikes around. Can anyone recommend a good roof rack (Thule, Whispbar, MB OEM) and 4 bike racks (Thule, Mont Blanc, ??). I guess the Thule would...
  10. C63er

    Ace Cafe - London - German Bikes 'n' Cars 6pm (BMW & Mercedes) 2nd Jan 2012

    Meet Name: German Bikes 'n' Cars 6pm (BMW & Mercedes) Start Time: 18:00 PM End Time: 22:30 PM Meet Details: BMW & MERCEDES Cafe Closes 10.30pm Anyone up for this Anyone have a Mercedes bike lol Sorry if this is a repost
  11. Niks

    Thule car roof rack for bikes

    Has anyone tried or have the Thule roof rack on their cars? I want to get a bike roof rack for my car but want to know if they are any good or not. Will these work on a W124 Saloon?
  12. b1n0de

    Motor Bikes

    Why is it that Motor Bikes so often whizz past the cars at speeds way above the legal limits on the A class roads and yet it is the motorists who are lectured on to 'Think Bike' ?
  13. J

    So many bikes there will be no room for cars

    There is going to be a lot more accidents with bikes. £900 a bike! Where the money comes from? Our pocket I presumed.:devil: Barclays Cycle Hire Boris Johnson has 'no doubt things will go wrong' | Mail Online Beijing are getting more cars and less bikes, the reverse in London in the 21st...
  14. corned

    SPECS speed cameras and bikes

    Whilst reading the 'maniac biker' thread, I was reminded of something which I have contemplated on a few occasions when crawling through SPECS-controlled stretches of road/motorway. Why do bikes bother to obey the speed limits in these areas? The SPECS camera system is designed purely to catch...
  15. Ade B


    I rode my motorbike into the city today for the first time this year (it was actually sunny!). Forgotten how much fun it can be weaving between the stationary cars.. The highlight was crossing Westminster Bridge with the sun on the Houses of Parliament. Looking forward to spring and a new...
  16. Howard

    Half of MBClub out on their bikes ....

  17. G-A-R-Y

    What do I need if I want to carry bikes on my roof.

    W210 Estate, what do I need if I want to carry three bikes? on the roof bars.
  18. BTB 500

    Name the old cars (and bikes) competition ...

    As a spin-off from the 'Thames flooding' thread, my dad has recently been scanning old family pics. so let's play 'name that car' (or bike, or cars, or tractor) :D Picture A Picture B Picture C Picture D Picture E Picture F Picture G Picture H...
  19. barryj

    Anyone into bikes as well?

    This is my NSR500 Rossi replica built from scratch, its a track bike but I managed to register it for the road with a daytime MOT (don't ask how:eek: ). Just wondering if any other outwardly decent Benz owners are also two wheeled adrenalin junkies?
  20. uumode

    Does anyone else have a problem with bikes on high beam?

    Bikes that drive around with a constant high beam (pretty intense even in broad daylight) cuts quite sharply into my retinas (figure of speech) and my auto dipped mirror does not work in the daylight. I can understand why they have them on in order to have a high visiblity, but surely it's...
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