1. DSM10000

    Sir Billy!

    On a lighter note after all that has happened recently: 'Hairy rebel' pleased to be Sir Billy Connolly - BBC News Arise Sir Billy :thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb:
  2. D

    Billy Connolly: Portrait Of A Lifetime

    BBC 1 right now. One in a million. Great to see him.
  3. vijilants

    Yet another one bites the dust - Billy Paul -RIP

    This is now getting silly...almost one a week !!! Billy Paul....RIP !
  4. BillyW124

    Billy's W124 Coupe Project

    Hello Chaps, After much umming, arring and mind changing over the last year or so I’ve been toying with the idea to ditch my perfectly running no – nonsense, exactly what it says on the tin 2.2 M111 swapping it for a 3.2 M104. The 4 pot has served me well up until now and I expect the 6 pot...
  5. BillyW124

    Billy's W124 Coupe

  6. Justin1600

    F.A.O billy whizz

    I cannot post on your AMG badge thread for some unknown reason , but i will have the badge mate. What is the part number, is it the correct one for a C43 AMG :thumb:
  7. Jukie

    PC Billy Barker RIP

    PC Barker was the officer who lost his life today whilst protecting people in one of the flooded ares of Cumbria. He was a traffic bobby, by all accounts a fair-minded and excellent bobby, highly regarded and respected by all those who knew him I didn't know him personally or work with him but...
  8. reflexboy

    Billy is off for a health check

    Morning all-Billy is off for his annual service this morning. I hope being a minor service it will cost me less than last year. Wish my baby luck :D :bannana: :D
  9. Steve_Perry

    Happy Birthday Gizmo750 & Billy!!

    Happy Birthday guys!! :bannana: :bannana: :bannana: And Nick's is tomorrow but I'm sure another thread will be started especially ;o) S.
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