1. B

    *Brand New* Bilstein B12 Suspension kit W203 C-class W209 CLK Coupe and Convertible

    Brand New boxed Bilstein B12 Pro-kit for the W203 C-Class and W209 CLK Comes with Four Bilstein B8 Monotube shocks and 30MM Eibach Lowering springs with associated bolts and hardware. This is best road suspension kit around. Much better then cheap nasty coilovers. Bought this for my CLK but...
  2. zaen1

    W208 clk Bilstein B12 Pro lowering kit 97-02

    Brand new Bilstein/Eibach lowering kit for a w208 clk 200.97-02 Might fit w202 but im not really sure, lowering 30mm front and back but can lower upto 40mm depending on what pads your using. model number is Bilstein 46-181763. 4 Bilstein shock absorbers and 4 Eibach lowering springs...
  3. t-dawg1

    FEBI BILSTEIN W211 wheel bearing hub

    Just ordered one for my W211 as the bearing was beginning to make quite a loud noise at speed over 30mph though when car jacked there is no noticeable movement of the tyre when shaken at with hands on 12/6 o'clock position. I did repack them about 3yrs ago so I'm guessing they have run of...
  4. 46thedoctor

    Bilstein B16 coil overs with H&R 10mm spacers

    Sorry if this may have been covered before but couldn't find the answer. As above I've got hold of sone b16s for my 2013 C63. I have the 19" multi spokes, do you guys know if I'll get away with 10mm H&R spacers front and rear, I'm running stock tyre sizes with conti tyres. Any help would be...
  5. adile220

    WTB Bilstein B12 Kit - W203 Saloon 270 CDI

    Hi all Looking for a Bilstein B12 kit for my 2003 W203 C270 CDI. Please message if you can help. Best Adil
  6. D

    Bilstein b4

    I've already posted on the 190e forums, but thought i'd get second opinions. But i have a 190e, that needs new suspensions and springs. It's been recommended that i get Bilstein b4 with Eibach pros, because iwant to keep the relative ride comfort but also want a better stance and ideally...
  7. P

    W639 Bilstein B4's, Sachs or Monroe shocks?

    Just bought some H&R springs to go on my 2006 Vito. I want to replace my shocks as there is a small posibility they are creating my knocking noise. I have replaced suspension arms and steering arms but there is still a knock. It is likely to be the top mount but could also be the shock. As they...
  8. esprit200

    W209/W203 Bilstein B12 Kit

    Hello, I have for sale a Bilstein B12 suspension kit, removed from my 2003 CLK270 CDI. A rather silly individual decided to slather the shock absorbers in some kind of black underseal or enamel. They have been stripped, zinc primed, and repainted. The paint is fairly rough but will do the...
  9. E

    SELLING 2x Bilstein Front B8 Sprint Damper For Mercedes Benz E-Class [W210] (95-03)

    Hi Guys (and girls), I am selling my BRAND NEW + BOXED Bilstein Front B8 Sprint Dampers as I no longer require them! Want £210inc postage (RRP £270) full description bellow... Shortened Damper For Use With Lowering Springs Bilstein Mono Tube Damper Technology Enhanced Grip Optimum...
  10. M


    I have an almost brand new Bilstein coil over set that has come off a Mercedes C220 CDi AMG Sports Plus saloon and have done less than 3000 miles. It fits Mercedes C class with W204 in chassis number. Covers models from 2007 to 63 plate 2014. They are in excellent condition BILSTEIN B16 -...
  11. M

    Group buy. Bilstein Shocks b6's/b8's

    Hi there all, Was wondering if any you guys/girls would be interested in getting into a group buy for A set of Bilstein shocks. I would need least 5/10 people. I'm going to make a few phone calls this afternoon and hopefully I'll manage to get good discount off each set.. Please could...
  12. W4E300

    Bilstein B6 shock absorber.

    Just going through the spares stock and I found a single Bilstein B6 damper for a W208 320.....and a host of other vehicles too I'm sure. How in Gods name I ended up with a spare I have no idea, but on the very slim chance that someone is one short(!) I'm open to offers....... Brand new, in...
  13. adile220

    Bilstein Comfort Shocks

    Hi all, Looking at buying a used set of W124 Bilstein Comfort Shock absorbers - Any clues how they would fare if...
  14. R


    Bilstein front shocks dampers Mercedes W202 c class W208 clk class B36-1854 | eBay
  15. S

    Febi Bilstein Autobox Filter

    Need to get my gearbox oil changed in my 2003 CLK55 (5spd). Has anyone used this filter?
  16. poormansporsche

    F/S Brand new (Sort of!) Bilstein Shocks W202

    Fitted for 3 days but found they didnt work with my standard springs ! Lowering springs required to use them !! Part Numbers: F4-B36-1855-HO x 2 F4-B36-1854-HO x 2 Do a google for compatibility - I believe they fit all W202's apart from the V8's Retail is £450 im after £200...
  17. 91dm

    W202 Arch Spats / Bilstein H&R Suspension / W210 Folding Mirrors

    Hello, I've a full set of arch spats for a W202. In good condition, genuine arches with part numbers. Can take pictures if anyone needs. £100, will post for extra. I also have the following which I'm thinking of selling: H&R Springs 2 front and 2 rear, part no 31007 HA taken from a...
  18. A

    C32 AMG Uprated shocks/struts & Springs

    Hi All, Just a quick question on what most on here who have changed or uprated their suspension on the C32 tend to go for. I have been searching online and so far have only seen lowering springs such as H&R and Eibach which are amongst the best and Bilstein B6 & B8 shocks as well as Koni. I...
  19. V

    Bilstein B14 coilover for Viano 639/2 + Vito

    maybe also interesting for some Viano and Vito owners who wants to improve the ride performance without loosing comfort - Bilstein B14 Coilover kit for the Viano + vito from modelyear 2011 onwards. Not suitable for: 4WD, air level. Bilstein part no 47-226661 First pictures in the german viano...
  20. biturbo

    anyone installed b6 bilstein dampers.

    Anyone installed the b6 dampers from bilstein on their mercedes. Did it alter the ride in any way? I have H&R springs and the standard factory dampers but they need changining. Just wondered whether to go B4 bilstein or b6 sport bilstein. in the states on the forum they said the b6 was terrible...
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