1. F

    Original AMG shocks or Bilsteins

    Need to replace my front and rear shocks on my 2001 CLK55 and was wondering whether to buy the original AMG shocks or Bilstein B6/B8 shocks. I know the Originals are made by Bilstein, but are the B6/B8 shocks matching or should I stick with the original AMG ones. I dont want to make it worse...
  2. B

    Just got my Bilsteins & H&R's fitted :)

    As per title, fitted today, transformed the road manners of the car & now feels like the performance saloon my C43 should have been. Big thanks to Olly at PCS for sourcing the springs shocks & spring pads for me :thumb: A wee before & after pic selection. Before After Cheers Mark
  3. bh13coupe

    w124 Sportline Shocks Which Bilsteins Shocks?

    Guys I am about to pull the Trigger on changing my springs and shocks on my coupe to Sportline Specs. My question is (after talking to NIKS who has pointed me towards B8 shocks). What is the difference between the B4, B6 and B8 Bilsteins other than cost. I have always thought the B8 were...
  4. Howard

    W124 bilsteins ..... I have a set of these installed and they are great ...... a few other members do too ....... :cool:
  5. Howard

    Woo Hoo !!! My Bilsteins Have Arrived

    They sure look pretty on my dining table :( Doubt they will be in the car anytime soon unless i can pull off a bank job over the weekend or something...... Maybe see if i can find enough change down the back of the sofa for a lottery ticket on Saturday beofre raiding the neighbours bins...
  6. S

    New Bilsteins = Different Car.

    Wow. Just put New Bilstien Original (Non-sport, non-lowered) shocks all round on the Merc. What a difference! - It's never handled and ridden so well in all the time I've had it. (Had 51K on when I bought it). ;) £244 all-in from Eurocarparts. - Well worth it. :D :D
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