1. N

    R129 binding front brakes

    Hi Just had new rear springs, shocks and a suspension repair kit fitted to my R129 (a 1998 320 SL with 98K on it) the rear was sagging and also several bushes had disintegrated, now it is sitting slightly higher at the rear is firm with great ride feeling very tight, better rear traction, no...
  2. Incredible vito

    vito brakes binding help !!!

    ok well i think ive found the reason for sluggishness up hill its the front nearside wheel the brake seems to be binding but i stripped it down took caliper off leaving it attached to brake line i cleaned the sliders and greased them i used copper grease on back n sides of pads sprayed...
  3. Welby

    W211 rear brake binding

    Hi, just solved the issue with my 2007 facelift E320 CDI Sport with 78000 miles. One journey of 50mph I got lots a juddering from the rear, turns out the rear osr wheel was burning up. Suspected the handbrake and from that moment on the car at speed was unbalanced, so I suspected I warped...
  4. A

    211 rear brakes binding

    Last week I had my rear discs and pads replaced (on my 2003 E320 CDi) at a tyre service depot. Since then the pads are permanently rubbing against the discs. The discs are getting hot on any journey over a few miles and the fuel consumption has nose dived - unsurprisingly. When I returned the...
  5. G

    New Brakes Binding

    Hi, Just had my car services (E270 2005) and the garage replaced the rear break pads (simple job I have done before), but now they are binding and the garage wont issue an MOT. It appears that the mechanic used a laptop to turn of the brakes but cannot now reactivate this becuase it states...
  6. Spinal

    URGENT: Same Day Binding

    I need a document bound by tomorrow 3-pm-ish... Problem is, the document isn't finished, and won't be until late tonight. Ideally hard-bound, but spiral bound will do given the time constraints. Does anyone know a place near Uxbridge (or Oxford if they'll do it while I wait) that does...
  7. W

    S210 parking brake possibly binding

    I think I may have an intermittently binding brake on one rear wheel. How do the parking brakes work? Do they actuate the pads onto the disks, or is there a drum and shoe arrangement inside the hub?
  8. Bobby Dazzler

    Brake binding and disc warped - cold weather or coinkydink?

    Parked the C32 on the drive way on Christmas Eve in a few inches of snow, having driven 10.5 very steady miles without touching the brakes much at all. It's stood there until this morning, so 10 days in total. I covered about 120 miles in the week before Christmas, and I'd been very light...
  9. W

    Binding brakes

    Bugger. Just got out of my car in the office car park and smelt something burning. On further inspection my offside rear brake disk is very hot (compared to the others anyway). I will have to leave work early and investigate. Any ideas what it could be? I am asuming it may be a sticking...
  10. D

    Merc SLK 200 Brake 'Binding'

    Hi I have a very frustrating problem with my 5 month old SLK (new model). When I am not using the car for anything over a week the brakes 'bind' and when I move away there is a loud 'bang' where they release and it warps the brake disks. This has been back to two seperate dealers on the...
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