1. brucemillar

    W124 Instrument Binnacle Removal

    Friends I am about to attempt to remove the instrument binnacle from my 124. I want to replace the outside temp display!! The binnacle itself is free from the dash - so no need to worry about that bit. Even with my tiny hands I am struggling to undo the speedometer cable. Is there a trick...
  2. B

    Steering wheel binnacle

    Does anyone know if the small binnacles around the steering wheel buttons comes off, I'd like to cover them in carbon fibre wrap and it be easier to do off the car. Do they just pull off? Don't want to go breaking them. Thanks
  3. PSD379

    2013 C63 Dashboard Binnacle rattle??

    Hi All, Just looking for some help/advice please. I have a 2013 C63 coupe with what seems to be a rattle emanating from behind the instrument binnacle. It's around the area at the top of the dashboard, near where the mesh grill is - but it's not the grill causing the problem. It just...
  4. S

    instrument binnacle lighting out on e300d w124

    Went out last night in my '94 w124 e300d and the instrument binnacle and auto trans. lever surround lighting failed to come on. I've checked the fuse box and all fuses are intact (fuse no.3 appears to be the one in question, also responsable for the rear number plate which remains lit)...
  5. S

    w211 instrument binnacle lights problem

    My 2007 w211 had a strange problem the other day.When i got in it at 5 pm and turned the ignition on there were no dashboard lights at all.The car started and ran fine and all the exterior lights were ok-the only other problem was that the mirrors did not fold in when i locked it.The next...
  6. FROGM5

    W208 clk 230 instrumnent binnacle

    W208 CLK instrument binnicle. 90 odd k on the clock,I bought this for the perspex shroud which is now my original one (3 cracks in perspex) Good working order & condition all round (apart from perspex) £50 + postage.
  7. M

    W124 bad reflection from binnacle

    Hi there - just bought a W124 ('93 280E) and drove it in yesterday's very bright sunshine. Was annoyed by a very bright reflection of the binnacle (is that what it's called - I mean the bit of the top of the dashboard that runs above the instruments) in the windscreen. It's right where your...
  8. Howard

    Instrument Binnacle Lights

    I have a couple of lights not working in my instrument binnacle ... It is the one/ones that illuminate the petrol display and the left hand side of the speedo ... I've had a look at the EPC , but it apprears that there are two bulbs , does anyone know which ones i need ? I'm thinking...
  9. M

    R129 instrument binnacle faulty?

    Hello, I have a 1991 300sl, problem is the speedo does not work, rev counter does not work nor does the fuel gauge and some of the warning lights. I bought the car like this. Someone has said that it could be that the car has been jump started at some point, is there an easy way of sorting...
  10. Howard

    w202 c36 instrument binnacle seems cheap enough...... could be a cool mod for someone .....
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