1. markjay

    Rubbish bins, Planning Permission, etc...

    We live in a block of flats (10 flats). The buildings in our street do not have individual bins. There are a large rubbish bins in four locations along our street, that serve all residents. It has been this way for the past twenty years (at least). There are vaults under the pavements in...
  2. N

    w210 estate 2000 rear storage bins & Manual

    Hey, I have an e280 2k year - so is either a w210 or an s210 depending on who I talk to - anyway in the rear estate part on either side are two small flip down storage bin things - about 6 inches square - anyone know what the part number is for them or what they are called please? Also...
  3. L

    300 SE - creaking door linings / door bins

    recently bought a 300 SE and notice the interior of the doors / or perhaps the door bins making creaking noises at slow speeds, over bumps and on breaking/accelerating. is this just because its an old car/old plastic etc can anything be done to reduce the noise. i was thinking trying to...
  4. nick mercedes


    Surplus bins for sale! Proper industrial quailty bins, red made by Linbin. 10.5" long, 4.5"wide 5" high Quite a few, offers on lot or smaller quantities. Fit on panels: Anyone? These came out of a factory in Manchester that made diggers, so some are more grubby than...
  5. I

    R129 seats and bins

    Does anyone know if the rear bins are still there under the seats? I ask because I find the bins in the 500 really useful whereas it's highly unlikely I'll ever use the rear "seats" in the 60 and being lazy I don't want to take them out just to find there aint no bins there!! Thanks folks.
  6. GazCaff

    W202 consoles with storage bins

    I'm sure there are a couple of peole looking for these,
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