1. Bri

    Bio Diesel ?

    I got a leaflet to day offering bio diesel at 10p a ltr cheaper than super markets prices. I have a 2008 E class (211) 220 tdi, has anyone used bio with this engine ? if so any problems ?. Leaflet tells me no need for mods just fill up and go, cleaner for the engine, may give better mpg. The web...
  2. M

    Running on Bio - Newbie questions

    Hi Folks, I am looking at either a C or E class diesel Mercedes (pre 2000 model) which I intend to run on Bio. I should stress this is proper Bio, not poorly strained fat from last nights chips! I have been told that the pre 2000 Mercs are tolerant of this fuel. Is that correct? Ideally...
  3. M

    1993 e300 d bio diesal or not?

    I have a w124 e300 D great car which I love! After trawling the net for info on Biodiesal conversion, I have been getting mixed messages about converting or not ,some say you need a kit ,others say just pour it in but not in the winter! 50/50 mix! keep a spare fuel filter in the boot etc etc ...

    Post 2000 cars on Bio.

    A member of another forum is asking which of the modernish Mercs, I guess post 2000, will run on a high % of Biodiesel? And no one say a diesel one, I thank you. :)
  5. A

    W123 Bio Diesel Conversion Kit

    May be of use to somebody: Andy
  6. J

    Bio Deisel

    Ok if your not sure about using new fuels go to this link. I ran a citeron zx 1.9td on veg oil 50-50 mix. please note you will have to change the fuel filter as it will clog on the first use. This machine had 138 on the clock...
  7. MarkF

    Bio Diesel

    Greetings, I'm after some info from you wise bunch, thinking of using some good quality bio diesel in the ML 270CDi. This would be no more that at worse a 50 50 mix with Shell's finest but expensive liquid gold. Can any of you tell me is the CDi engine safe to use this fule and at this ratio...
  8. S

    running on bio diesel ?

    Hello, Has anyone any experience of running mercs and in particular a class's on bio diesel ? I understand from reading that you have to change the filter after 3 tanks of fuel everything else seems to point to the car running OK ? Just wondered if anyone had had...
  9. L

    Bio Diesel

    Whats the youngest car you would put bio diesel in. Are there any pitfalls with this fuel or does it depend on who is producing it, quality wise?
  10. H

    bio diesel

    does anyone know of a kit to allow a new c class to run on biodiesel. is this available from main dealer. or is anyone out there running biodiesel on a c220
  11. Satch

    Bio diesel. A Good Thing.

    Or is it?;jsessionid=NFMW0GRDEAVFXQFIQMFCFGGAVCBQYIV0?xml=/motoring/2007/04/21/nosplit/mfbio21.xml "At a recent international conference on biofuels in Brussels, the motor industry admitted that biodiesel blended into a petroleum-based diesel...
  12. G

    Bio Diesel

    Apologies if I've missed it, but searched the forums and could not find anything posted. So, the incentive of a 20p a litre saving is looking attractive to me... Has or does anyone on here run their car on Bio Diesel? Are there any downsides, or problems? A friend of mine has been running...
  13. Seamster15

    Make your own Bio Diesel!
  14. stwat

    Make your own bio diesel
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