1. Darrell

    BIOS stuff

    Not sure what's happening but I switched on my IBM/Lenovo and it goes straight into the BIOS thing and won't boot up properly. Any ideas on why this is going on and how to rectify it? Thanks
  2. Ian B Walker


    Help peeps, put a new motherboard in my computer this morning and it wont even boot into BIOS. Tried removing all my cards and drives and still no joy. The wires that go to the switches, the white and coloured ones. Which is the posative? I have assumed that the coloured wire eg red is live?
  3. guydewdney

    new pc - no bios...

    bought a new pc - an MSI one from watford electronics / (who have been good on returns in the past) built up pc. booted - 'no bios' loaded windows anyway :rolleyes: got bios off msi website loaded it successfully - this thing is a P4 3.xgig, 566 fsb, 1gb ram...
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