1. D

    How do I remove scratches from windscreen?

    On a recent trip to Scotland my car was bombed overnight by a seagull. A single strike in the middle of the windscreen. In the morning I soaked the offending concrete-hard sh*t with water and gently rubbed with a cloth until it was removed completely. Obviously the seagull had taken in some...
  2. D

    Bird Box camera options

    Made a bird box over the weekend with our daughter. We had a chat about how good it would be to look at its new tenants when they arrive. After some advice on camera options. I know nothing about this area. Is there a cordless option or are they all hard wired? I assume the images can be...
  3. fabes

    V bad bird poo - help needed

    Not my car (thankfully) but a Corsa has 7 or more long standing bird dumps on it across the roof They have all gone through the lacquer onto, but not through, the paint A real shame as the rest of the car is excellent A test with T Cut only wore away more of the cloudy / infected clear...
  4. Brian 1

    Nasty dust and bird droppings

    When at my Holliday home in Lincolnshire I get sticky dust, and bird poo on my car, its driving me mad, what's the best way to clean it off so it doesn't scratch, Please don't say cover it as it's not an option.
  5. TKvS

    So, you think you can outrun a long-legged bird

  6. camerafodder

    Crazy bird

    This had me in stitchesm the action starts at around 55secs Warning, there is some bad language! XM8aBESf8EI
  7. B

    So what is worse than bird poo on a new mercedes?

    How about the bird that did it, and then it does a dance across my bonnet. Car is 3 weeks old.
  8. astamir

    w208 bird eye half wooden wheel

    Hi guys Looking for bird eye color wooden steering wheel if you have one drop me a line please Thanks
  9. marty359

    Bird poop stain

    What can I use to sort this out :( left the car under a tree for 5 mins yesterday and when I came back mr pigeon was sniggering at me from the tree. I wiped it off with a baby wipe when I got home and today cleaned the car but its left this stain(the one next to the fluorescent light...
  10. PXW

    A little bit of bird lime....

    clean up required Not sure if this should go in the detailing forum. :eek: Anyone on here?
  11. D

    Bird muck type etching on windscreen

    Any suggestions on how to polish out a sort of acid etch effect which is pretty much all over the windscreen I have tried autoglym screen polish to no avail Thanks
  12. poormansporsche

    Bird shat on my head ....

    In stationary traffic under a bridge. Straight through my sunroof with the precision of a Olympic marksman Git !
  13. azaman

    Bird 'strikes' on the bonnet...

    So it seems the local birds have been eating battery acid and pooped it out on my bonnet. The offending articles were in contact with the paint for a couple of days. On removing the waste, the patches of paint that were hit have gone dull and are not smooth to the touch. Any tips on how to...
  14. shshivji

    Rare old bird....

    Had a rare old e36 Amg come in today for a service and MOT, has done 73k was a little rough on the edges with the usual corrosion and unfortunately failed on the osf coil spring cup corroded and brake pipe. Thought I'd show you guys a pic :-) not worked on one of these yet
  15. Charles Morgan

    Bird life and dealing with the Magpies

    My bird feeder has worked wonders this year in feeding all sorts of birds - the latest being a female Blackcap and a Garden Warbler, and looking out from my bedroom yesterday I saw a pair of Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers do over one of my Lilac trees (the cavity in the base of the tree is now...
  16. reggie musson

    Bird droppings has marked my paint

    Has anyone got some advise on bird droppings that has marked the paint about the size of a large thumb mark at the top of the door on my lovely CLK. The car is black which must be the worst colour to show any type of blemish and so far I have tried a little Tcut, then rewaxed that area but still...
  17. Charles Morgan

    Roses - bird friendly mildew spray

    A long shot, but I am slowly changing my garden into a rose garden. The weather has been rather conducive to mildew of late and I have to spray. Thanks to an absence of cats and an abundance of nesting sites, I have numerous wild birds in the garden and would rather spray with something that...
  18. W

    bird box photo

    Our bird box had gone rather quiet these last few days, so went to have a look. 3 bundles of fluff waiting for their next meal. After I left the mother quickly returned :) Just thought I share in one of the simple pleasures in life.
  19. W

    French doors = bird killers

    Two dead birds at the base of our French doors (there's a window at the opposite end of that room). I presume they failed to see the glass. What's the solution - hang something off the frame to show it's not a thoroughfare?
  20. Godot

    Flying like a Bird : Human Bird Wings !!

    GYW5G2kbrKk :thumb:
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