1. S

    Newbie to Mercedes from Birmingham

    Hi all, First time owner of Mercedes and loving it. I have a Mercedes C Class (W204) model. Here's my beauty: Hope to meet some of you guys at meets and events
  2. ju4ior

    W210 exhaust Birmingham

    Hi Anyone recommend exhaust for W210 E 200 compressor. Old car but have had for a while and want to keep. Can only source from MB (ouch!), no joy with gfs/Europarts. Anyone tried stainless steel or recommend any suppliers.
  3. shazzya45

    Hello From The Other Side...Also Known As Birmingham

    Newbie on HERE. just ordered an A45 AMG and have not wasted anytime joining this club, Now the long wait for colletion which is the end of september. Aged 25 and have been a Mercedes and AMG fan from a very young age and worked hard to make my AMG dream come true and will be sharing the...
  4. David404

    WDM Cars - Perry Barr Birmingham

    Had a service and few other jobs done there since I got my W211. Knowledgeable, straightforward and you get to talk to the guys in the workshop. I'll be using them in the future. :thumb:
  5. developer

    How Birmingham Deals With RR Drivers

    I told him to get out of the fast lane, but... Mass brawl on city street: Time to get tough say Mail readers - Birmingham Mail
  6. brucemillar

    Hidden fire station discovered after decades.

    Hidden Dudley fire station revealed after decades - BBC News
  7. K

    Supercar Convoy To Birmingham

  8. F

    Alloy refurb recommendations in Birmingham

    Having badly kerbed my front near side alloy I am looking for any recommendations of someone to refurb if possible, in the birmingham area. I am in solihull. Thanks
  9. M

    Mercedes specialists in Birmingham

    Had a shock today. MB dealer tells me I need a new alternator for my 2011 W212 E350 CDi. Quoted £1,000. Is this a bit high? I need some new discs and pads soon as well so quite a big bill on the way. Can anyone recommend a good MB specialist in or near Birmingham? PS I was a bit annoyed...
  10. fab1975

    Scum of the earth steal a Q7 in Birmingham

    Video: Man attacked in violent carjacking outside his own home - Telegraph Excuse my language folks... but I am totally lost for words!
  11. Bobby Dazzler

    Acid and MSL Performance, Birmingham

    Acid and MSL Performance enjoy an excellent reputation, and it's much deserved both for the exciting work they do tuning AMGs, and for the more mundane aspects of car maintenance. They excel at both. Yesterday I noticed that something wasn't quite right with the steering on our car, and as I...
  12. B

    Asda fuel mix-up hits Birmingham motorists

    Asda fuel mix-up hits Birmingham motorists - BBC News Seems that the tanker driver was having a bad day
  13. S

    Newbie from Birmingham

    Hi guys, just bought a e270 w211. First time merc owners although have driven a fair few Mercs over the years. Best Regards Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
  14. S

    New Member from Birmingham with a C63 AMG

    As the title says........Looking forward to any recommendations on modding the car.
  15. D

    New first time owner from Birmingham

    Hi all, I'm Dave, based in Birmingham and Lincoln. Currently own a Subaru Impreza WR1, but due to collect my first Merc next week. Decided if I was going to get one I may as well do it properly...... So I went for a White C63 Estate W204 (facelift model)
  16. L

    Anyone in Birmingham?

    Is there anyone on the forum living in Birmingham anywhere near to 106 Sutton New Road? Sometime ago I ordered hub caps for a vintage car from Classic Car Chrome which haven't arrived despite being told they were despatched on 8 August. No response to emails and phone calls go to voicemail-...
  17. A

    Mechanics / garage required in Birmingham

    Hello all - I'm new to owning a classic Mercedes and wanted to know if anyone knows of any honest reliable mechanics / garages I can go to for work that needs doing .. obviously with reasonable prices :)))) Am I asking to much???? I'm also posting this thread on many rooms so please let me...
  18. SK007

    Recommendations for bodyshop in Birmingham /West Midlands?

    Hello, Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced bodyshop in Birmingham / West Midlands? I just need a some rust spots removed, painted and few scratches repaired.
  19. N

    University of Birmingham - Views?

    Continuing in the series of picking a university to go to in 2015 to study History - my daughter...
  20. jimiE55

    Looking at an E55 in Birmingham tomorrow

    Hi Guys, I am new to the forum. I have been taking in all the knowledge on the forum for a while, and looking for an E55 211 for a while on pistonheads autotrader etc. I am in Cardiff so nothing local. Going with the old man to Birmingham to look at one saturday. I rang MSL, the lady said...
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