1. whitenemesis

    Happy Birthday Alfie

    Many happy returns of the day, hope you have a great one :thumb::thumb:
  2. ringway

    Happy Birthday to DRUK.

    All the best to you, Derek. :thumb:
  3. ringway

    Happy Birthday, BTB500.

    Happy Birthday, Bill. :thumb:
  4. ringway

    Happy Birthday to Ted!

    All the best to you, Ted. :thumb:
  5. ringway

    Happy Birthday, Red C220.

    Happy Birthday! :thumb:

    Happy Birthday ash59fifty-uK

    Happy Birthday to you. Have a grand day.:bannana:
  7. whitenemesis

    Happy Birthday BIG UN

    Many happy returns!
  8. whitenemesis

    Happy Birthday Benzowner

    Many happy returns, hope you have a great day! :thumb:
  9. The _Don

    Happy birthday Bruno c36 fan

    Happy 29th bro you Cu.
  10. ringway

    A Birthday Present for Mrs Ringway.

    Mrs Ringway will be 50 in a few weeks time. Earlier today, I was in one of the big stores and saw something that I just had to have. A nice presentation case. She a girl that has always liked exclusivity and I'm sure she'll be out on her own and the centre of attention when she...
  11. lisa110rry

    Oo! Have a look at my birthday pressie!

    Came home tonight to a big box resting on the sofa, my birthday pressie (at my request) from my husband! Just what I need and want! Though I do feel compelled to mention my birthday was 24/05, lol!
  12. whitenemesis

    Happy Birthday Koolvin

    Many happy returns Vinny, hope you have a great day :thumb:
  13. daveenty

    Happy Birthday sjmaxwell

    All the best on what's getting closer to a landmark Steve. :bannana: Have a good one, and take it easy. :thumb:
  14. Happytalk73

    Happy Birthday lisa110rry

    A little late in the day now but a Very Happy Birthday Lisa. Must be great to be so young. :thumb: Ant. :D
  15. Alex

    Happy Birthday, Developer!

    Happy Birthday, John. Have a good day :thumb:
  16. ringway

    Happy Birthday C43AMG.

    Happy Birthday, Peter. It was nice to see you and your car on Saturday. :thumb:
  17. gaz_l

    Happy birthday glojo

    Just looked at today's birthdays - there's a name from the past. Many happy returns John. Cheers, Gaz
  18. D

    Happy birthday Jaymanek!

    Hope you've had a good day young man! :thumb:
  19. markmifsud

    Happy Birthday KillerHERTZ

    Hope your having a good one :)
  20. ringway

    Happy Birthday SL300-24.

    Happy Birthday to you Ray! :thumb:
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