1. SPX

    Happy birthday Harrythedog

    Hope you have a good day pal. :thumb:
  2. d w124

    Happy Birthday Charles Morgan

    Have a good day :thumb:
  3. ringway

    Happy Birthday AMGeed.

    Happy Birthday Sir!
  4. Charles Morgan

    Happy Birthday d w124 and Howard!

    Hope you all have a great day!
  5. carat 3.6

    Happy birthday Ringway!

    Many happy returns:bannana:
  6. SPX

    Happy Birthday C240Sport97

    All the best, hope you have a good day. :thumb:
  7. SPX

    Happy birthday Alps

    Have a good day pal. :thumb:
  8. ringway

    Happy Birthday Patagonian.

    Happy Birthday!
  9. d w124

    Happy Birthday Olly

    Have a nice one mate
  10. SPX

    Happy Birthday BrianWH

    Not sure if you still visit the forum much but if you do, happy birthday! :thumb: I remember you were one of the first to welcome me (over five year ago!).
  11. carat 3.6

    Happy birthday Druk.

    Happy birthday Derek. :bannana:
  12. SPX

    Happy Birthday Right Said Fred...

    ... Or should I say Ted? 61 years young:D Hope you've had a good day pal. :thumb:
  13. SPX

    Happy birthday carat 3.6

    Have a good day pal. :thumb:
  14. The _Don

    Happy Birthday Rashman

    Many happy returns to a true friend, happy birthday pal :0)
  15. SPX

    Happy birthday Red C220

    Bit late in the day, but happy birthday pal. :thumb:
  16. SPX

    Happy birthday Piff and stwat!

    Hope you're having a good time on your respective birthdays....:thumb:
  17. ringway

    Happy Birthday S500Colin

    Hope you have a good day, Colin. Hope to see you at Jay's GTG. :thumb:
  18. C36fan

    happy birthday Acid!

    Happy birthday my friend and many returns!
  19. Charles Morgan

    Happy Birthday Will!

    Hopefully a good one!
  20. Druk

    Happy birthday Lee.

    Don't eat too much cake :D
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