1. J

    Can the C63 AMG be a bit jerky at higher revs (Supercharged)

    I am new to the MB brand and am more used to driving manual turbo cars for fun. I have bought a supercharged C63 and am trying to get used to driving it with its settings etc. It can get jerky at higher revs which I'm putting down to the power and instant response but thought id ask on here as...
  2. S

    bit of a thump when selecting drive from cold

    I have noticed recently when starting in the morning and selecting D there is a bit of a thump when engaging gear. It does not do this when warm. Not noticed this before. The ATF fluid was changed around 7k ago. Should I be concerned? Thanks
  3. brucemillar

    Own a bit of a Spitfire

    Supermarine Spitfire NH341 Propellor Blade No.3
  4. AngryDog

    A bit of hesitation?

    Was out the in E55 earlier and gave it some part throttle then wot and it jerked a little before going. Is this normal cos of the auto box?
  5. R129mine

    r129 bit of the exhaust fell off :-)

    All Last night my neighbours were laughing when I parked up because of the scrapping noise, they said I had some sparks coming from underneath the car Anyway I checked and a bit of the centre exhaust box had broken off and was attached by a small strip of metal, I removed it and took a...
  6. clk320x

    AC works for a bit?

    Hey guys The AC in my Clk works for a while maybe 10 mins? Then gradually starts warming up and then seems like ambient air blows out Am I right in thinking a regas should sort this? When it works it's nice n cold, and this has happened a few times Cheers
  7. jon.english68

    Bit of Autoglym super resin polish

    Gotta say the results speak for them self I do love this car Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. B

    A bit of a learning curve

    Hello all, I am new to this forum as I am not a Mercedes owner as yet but desperately trying to get there. I did try three years ago and three years before that but having owned BMW's for the last 25 years either as company cars or through PCP's, it seems to be a struggle to find competitive...
  9. E63AMG

    A bit or Chinese eBay bling [emoji23]

    Not for everybody granted, but worth a play for £20! Should be good for a couple of bhp & a couple of tenths off the 0-60 mph time.
  10. D

    Bit of a long shot but...

    ...has anyone here owned the 6.0 W12 Audi A8 by any chance? Tried googling but advice is a bit thin on the ground which is understandable with such a rare car. If so, is there anything I should know? I know it's the same lump in the Bentley but was just wondering if there's any particular...
  11. B

    E500 s211. A bit poorly

    High mileage and looks like it needs some tlc. Looks to have most of the toys though. If someone wants a fixer upper. Could be for them Look at this on eBay Mercedes E500 Estate 2004 - spares or repairs
  12. J

    W207 - a bit more power

    Hi all, Had my E 220 about a month or so, I didn't buy it for the performance aspect (clearly!), but I'd like a bit more poke. I've previously had a TT that I had remapped to just under 300bhp, but as it was a late model the ECU had to be removed and opened up rather than a OBC plugin...
  13. lisa110rry

    Bit sad, little rust marks can't be sorted

    Hello, member Chrishazle, on another forum answered my thread about giving myself a treat. He suggested a colour rectification thingy for swirl marks and a interior detail on my little car. Wonderful idea! But I thought it would be a good idea to have the little rusty spots sorted on my little...
  14. Gollom

    Urgent bit of audio advice please

    Sorry to be a pain, but could someone help please? I am looking for confirmation that a W211 CD changer with MP3 capability (A211 870 38 89) is a straight swap with the current CD changer in Sue's R171 (MY2004) Also, will it then display track information on her Audio-20 The forum has...
  15. W

    First MB and bit lost.

    Hello, Now ...How not to say something stupid? But new to Mercedes so be nice :) I am finding it all different and confusing. Like is it 2 or 1.8 K saw both answers just dont get it I have a Mercedes c200 kompressor 2002 'sports coupe'. How do i ever find parts, no where seems to list the...
  16. RyanMuller

    Post a video review of your car - A bit of fun

    Hello all, So I went for a drive in the C32 for the first time in a while after all the problems I had, and I decided to take my camera with me. I thought it would be a bit of a laugh to hear about people's reviews on their own cars, what problems you have had and what you enjoy about your...
  17. W

    1989 W124 300D OM603...a bit scruffy

    FOR SALE This is being posted on behalf of an old gentleman who doesn't do the internet! Good points All 4 jacking points welded and sills have been stonechipped 4 brand new Nexen tyres Brand new blue Bosch battery (not in picture) cost over £100 All 6 glow plugs replaced this year...
  18. Avnt

    Dreaming a bit?

    Michael Schumacher?s old E55 AMG wagon could be yours for £100k | Top Gear
  19. uumode

    Bit of road rage

    Didn't realise this happened behind me :D Taxi and MPV clowning about
  20. D

    Soon to be a c350e driver, with a bit of luck...

    Hi all, After ordering my C350e in early October, I've waited patiently while the initial deliver estimate of February passed, then the second estimate of April passed. I now approaching the third estimate of June, without a lot of confidence that the car will arrive. Looking on the bright...
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