1. S

    Need to bite the bullet - Coil packs etc, where to source

    2003 W215 TT Hi, Well, seems the time has arrived and I need to bite the bullet and change the coil packs. If I order them over here in SW France, the eyes of the Merc receptionist just light up, so I'm looking for an alternative source. Anyone ordered them from the USA, Germany or UK...
  2. S

    Having to bite the bullet with my bi-xenons

    Right my Xenon light on my driver’s side has been playing up for a while now, it seems to have an intermittent fault where the light occasionally doesn’t come on. I usually pop the hood up and give it a push and twist and hey presto it works. Now it doesn’t work at all? So if any of you lot have...
  3. chriss428

    time to bite the bullit :(

    right its time to do the headgasket on my w124 2.3 8v i was kindly gven the torque settings now all i need to know is waht can i get away with not changing????? obviously i have to change the head gasket and get the head skimd? but what else is asential in the prosse's and what isnt as i have...
  4. Gizmo750

    Bite my hand off? ? ?

    Right, In an effort to sell I am reducing the price for the last time on my CLK 320 Elegance (see the advert in classified a little lower down the list). Full loaded up and in great condition. NOW ONLY £12,500 I need to move reasonably quickly to secure the new car. Give me a...
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