1. G

    c250 CDI remap and other bits

    Hi All, I picked up my C250 CDI coupe yesterday (2012 model) Ideally, I would like to give it a little boost and am thinking the best way to do so is with a Remap? Is it worth having the DPF removal and EGR removal done? will this give higher performance gains over a remap? I will...
  2. L

    New member looking for R320L bits

    Hi, I have recently purchased a W251 R320L and would like to find availability of some interior and exterior trim parts. e.g. o/s front fog light chrome trim ring.....rear bumper chrome protector....2nd row seats centre console cup holder....etc Any help would be appreciated
  3. M

    C class bits into E class?

    Not sure if the 1st part of this question really belongs here or in the interior section, but since it's a performance mod, thought I'd stick it here... My w210 corners very nicely indeed on it's AMG wheels and lowered suspension, so well in fact that I'm the weakest link :rolleyes: I've got...
  4. cjab98

    E55K with Brabus bits

    About 10 years ago I sold my old C43 and left the three pointed star (I know, I've sinned). Been through a few other cars and also left the UK for CH, but now I'm finally back at the wheel of one. Picked this up back in May, the car was originally sold in Germany where it also had a trip to...
  5. I

    W124 Bits on ebay - others available

    Mercedes E-Class W124 rear view mirror, excellent order | eBay Hi, Breaking the car in the other items link. Please call 07808 369922 if you need anything, I'm running out of room. I only wanted a headlight lens and look what happened! Cheers, Paul
  6. markjay

    W204 bits: Audio20 & Display, Instrument Cluster Fascia, Boot Handle Trim, Switch Bar

    These are items removed from my W204 Facelift (MY 2013) by when retrofitting various options to my car. They will eventually go on eBay, posting them here first in case any forum members need one or more of these parts. Pictures to follow....
  7. I

    1994 W124 Excellent grey drivers seat and other bits

    Almandine e220, 1994, facelift model. Bonnet losing Lacquer and boot the same. Sunroof. Main thing is a grey drivers seat with excellent bolster - all the rest are OK, too. I'll put it on ebay in a few days unless there's any interest here, buyer to remove from car in Preston. 125 for all...
  8. tron

    S202 bits.

    Stuff bought in for my 250 TD estate that will not now be used:( Full 250TD EIS kit bought as a spare. 2 keys, steering lock, ecu. All you need. Front suspension lower arm bush kits (Febi Bilstein) Set of ATE front pads. Side and tailgate sunvisors. So Wirds Gemacht and Haynes BOL. Boot...
  9. DanMorgan

    W210 Bits and Bobs

    Currently have quite a bit of W210 stuff on eBay but it's all discounted for members. I also have 4 W210's that I am breaking, with a OM606 about to be scraped. Mercedes W210 E Class 17" Alloy Wheels X4 - £200 for forum members W210 Cup Holder - Smaller Size - £16 Posted for...
  10. Dannyallen89

    Some landrover bits

    Hi all since getting shot of the landrover I have a few things I want rid of so for sale: Travall dog guard 3 month old £40 Boot mat (plastic) free Floor mats £20 Sat nav disc free Collection only txt me 07453966990 for any info. Newcastle upon Tyne Photos will follow I will get some pics...
  11. B

    Added a couple more bits under the bonent

    Had this for a while now but sourcing the right hoses was a pain The right size 90mm if anyone is wondering I wanted black the first one I got was black but blue in the middle but finally got the black I wanted Then installation Looks easy but required a bit or modding to fit The holes...
  12. swannymere

    W124 Estate Bits and Bobs

    PHOTOS TO FOLLOW This List will be updated occasionally, i'm located in SO32 which is Southern Hampshire. (S)W124 Mercedes Rigid Boot Liner, has cracks and a fibreglass repair to one corner but could be easily brought back to life - £20 OE Mercedes S124 Estate Mushroom Front Passenger and...
  13. E

    W204 c63 bits

    Hi I'm looking for a saloon c63 drivers side side skirt and a drivers side drl? If anyone can help please?? Even if anyone may know the best place to ask ect would be very much appreciated!! :thumb: Cheers
  14. N

    W208 CLK430 convertible with Brabus bits

    Hiya, I bought a lovely W208(or should that be A208?) convertible in Azurite blue with pale grey leather yesterday.It has only covered 69k and came with a full history,main dealer until the last service. It has Brabus alloys,exhaust and bodykit.Only badging is Brabus on the wing where it would...
  15. T

    W202 - help identifying random bits of interior

    Hi there, Inside my new (to me) W202 C200 saloon I've found the two objects in the attached pictures. (1) A small 3 point Mercedes star, without the ring around it; and (2) A small rubber fella that was in the ash tray. To me (2) looks like it's the pedal cover for the foot/hand/foot/parking...
  16. brucemillar

    124 Estate - Mushroom trim bits wanted please?

    Folks I'm after the door pillar trims, including the body side tailgate pillar trims ( the ones that hold the pillar lights) all in mushroom. Can anybody help please?
  17. T5R+

    Grease, oil, lube .......bits

    Need to clean and "lubricant" my sunroof bonnet/boot hinges and catch door hinges and catches fold in/out mirrors (as they squeek) can you recommend items please. Due to pick up service parts from MB tomorrow so if MB prodcuts let me know what they call them. PS 5l oil is currently...
  18. F

    Black trim bits

    Any good products out there that can return black trim (like around number plate etc) to a decent state? Before I got car some careless overkill with polish has left them white..ish in places. Cheers
  19. spock500

    1996 E220 S124 bits

    Hi folks, Having a bit of a clear out, will expand list as I work through the various boxes. Thanks, Instrument pod complete Passenger air bag (no idea if working) Wood veneer panels for doors. Radiator grill with badge but no star Plastic panels which fit over exterior...
  20. W

    OM605 in bits

    My W124 E250d died at the end of February, no warning, I noticed a slight ticking from the engine as I left the motorway, pulled in to investigate and the car died as I rolled into the layby. Cue recovery truck home. Did a few checks (timing chain, cracked injector lines, checked...
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