1. B

    M157 bi-turbo upd cold air induction kit

    Hi all, Just got rid of my E63 so removed my UPD cold air induction kit and filters and went back to stock. Comes with all screws and bolts - Basically a nearly new complete item. More details can be found on MBWORLD and directly on UPD's website...
  2. S

    FS: Mercedes Benz M157 5.5 BiTurbo AMG Carbon Fiber Engine Cover - CLS63/E63/G63/S63

    Genuine Mercedes 5.5 BiTurbo AMG Engine Carbon Fiber Engine Cover S63 E63 CLS63 Originally came off my CLS 63 AMG 2012 which I've now long sold. ITEM IS USED BUT IN GREAT CONDITION, SEE PICTURES Original Mercedes Benz Retail Price £1678.55 This is a genuine Mercedes Benz Product Mercedes...
  3. L

    New E63 Biturbo barge owner

    Well guys, after a year with a stage 2 tuned RS6 (C6) Avant, it was time to say goodbye yesterday as the new owner picked her up. Forward on a few hours and I was now the proud owner on E63 Biturbo estate. Unfortunately my first drive was through dense London traffic but it gave me a chance...
  4. ACID

    E63 AMG BI-TURBO Eurocharged/MSL perfromance Offer

    In a bid to get Eurocharged UK back up and running at MSL Performance, here is the first of our numerous offers coming up: If this one's not for you be sure to keep your eyes peeled! E63 BI-TURBO EUROCHARGED OFFER: Packages we are offering: Map Only...
  5. L

    Diagnostic tool for E63 biturbo

    Hi guys, I was wondering which scanner/piece of software you all tend to use please as I'd like to keep one in the car? I was looking at these but thought I'd see if anyone had any first hand experience? My budget is around £200 so no workshop machine recommendations please. ;)
  6. Cyclone1

    KW HAS Coilover Kit - CLS/E63 Biturbo

    Hi All, I have for sale a set of KW (HAS) height adjustable springs. They have done approx 9k miles. I bought them from the US but have never fitted them as I ordered some H&R springs at the same time and they arrived first, so were fitted to my car. They lower the car by 15-30mm at the...
  7. AMGBlack

    E63 Bi-Turbo 720BHP

    2013 MERCEDES-BENZ E63 AMG AUTO BLACK | eBay Does anyone know this car. Sounds like a great deal if the information is genuine.
  8. M

    S 600 Biturbo coil pack.

    Good evening all, My S600 biturbo probably need a new N side coil pack and maybe a new set of plugs! Orange management has come on [ checked as coil pack] though no miss firing yet. Where is the cheapest place to buy coil pack today? Thanks in advance Mark.
  9. Cyclone1

    CLS / E63 AMG Bi-Turbo Wanted

    Hi All, As per the title, CLS or E63 AMG wanted, 2011-2013. Prefer CLS over the E and also diamond white would be good although any colour / specification considered. If you are looking to sell or know of one available then let me know. Jules.
  10. e55nick

    CL600 Bi-Turbo Brabus

    This is stunning! Mercedes CL600 V12 Twin Turbo SuperCar HUGE Spec V12 1 BBS Brabus Private Plate | eBay
  11. ACID

    E63 Bi-Turbo Remap, Dyno and Quaife LSD Fitting

    E63 Bi-Turbo in Yesterday for Remap, Dyno and Quaife LSD Fitting!!! Stock: 527.37 Whp (622.30 Bhp) 504.93 Wtq (595.82 Ft Lbs Torque) Tuned: 604.20 Whp (712.96 Bhp) 654.88 Wtq (772.76 Ft Lbs Torque)
  12. S

    BI-TURBO E63 engine noise

    quite a lot of valve/tappet noise when it's idling - is that normal for this engine ? can't hear it inside the car, just when you open the window or are standing outside. not a big deal, just wondered. otherwise it's great - I swapped out of a 2013 C63 6.2 for this below and I am not feeling...
  13. grumpyoldgit

    2016 Brabus 850 6.0 Biturbo Cabrio is world’s fastest production convertible

    2016 Brabus 850 6.0 Biturbo Cabrio is world?s fastest production convertible
  14. Fudger

    Living with an E63 Bi-turbo

    Gents, I am thinking of doing a deal on a 64 plate E63 S212 tomorrow but before I do, I'd like your honest opinions of one of these as an everyday car which for me will include short trips into town, a 30 mile round trip to work, holidays, collecting sons from Uni with all their kit etc. I do...
  15. ACID

    E63 Bi-Turbo Remap & Dyno

    E63 Bi-Turbo in with us during the week for a Remap & Dyno @ MSL Performance Stock: 513.12 Whp (605.48 Bhp) 491.56 Ft Lbs Torque (580.04 Ft Lbs Torque) Tuned: 581.06 Whp (685.65 Bhp) 638.72 Ft Lbs Torque (753.69 Ft Lbs Torque) UoWjvxCjUe8
  16. mark_le_b

    CL600 BiTurbo Exhaust Mods?

    Anybody had much success with modding CL600 exhaust It's a bit quiet, so wanted something with a bit more tone Is a simple resonator delete an option? Any wise words would be helpful Thanks
  17. A

    Wanted: AMG E63 Estate Pre facelift 2011-2013 5.5 biturbo

    Interested in anything of the above model. Flexible on spec but would ideally like radar cruise, rear camera and pano roof. Perf pack not a deal breaker. I'm near Bath. I would also appreciate if any local owners could show me around one and anything to check on the car & paperwork. I did...
  18. smoothcoupe

    Changing from E55k to w221 s65 biturbo advice.

    Hi all. I'm thinking of changing my 2004 E55 with 80k for a 2008 S65 with 97k. There isn't much info out there on the s65, I am possibly going to do the deal depending on my findings. Obviously I know it's not a cheap car to maintain however does anyone know of any common faults and general...
  19. A

    Buying advice - E63 Estate - 5.5 biturbo. Early model 2011-2012

    As title, any tips or advice gratefully received. Or perhaps a pointer to the best UK forum to discuss, if this is not it? Cheers
  20. ACID

    Mercedes E63 Bi-Turbo Weistec Exhaust + MSL Tune 729 BHP !

    Mercedes E63 2014 Bi-turbo Weistec Down Pipes MSL Tune Power 729 BHP !!!!!! -hUE35OZzBo
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